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Advanced DFP management, Header bidding, AMP, social challenge, mobile traffic, dynamic ad placement… Managing your website ads is becoming more and more complicated. Maximizing programmatic ad revenues takes unique knowledge and evolving expertise.

Working with Adnimation, publishers practically get an in-house digital adviser and practitioner who is always on top of cutting edge ad technology. We help premium publishers tailor technology solutions to their specific needs, manage the set up and improve it continuously.

When we say Free DFP Implementation, what does that mean?

DFP, or DoubleClick for Publishers, is the leading ad server which allows publishers to control the ad placements and campaigns in their website. From initial set up to advanced management, the Adnimation team helps publishers enjoy the maximal benefits of DFP.

When you join Adnimation, we will work with you to make sure that DFP is implemented correctly. If you already have DFP, we will work with you to analyze and improve. And if you don’t have it, we will help you through the process. And it’s all part of the service, no fees included.

After correct DFP implementation, you will not only be able to run standard display banner ads, text ads, and rich-media (including video and flash creatives), but you will also be able to manage and control the competition between DSPs (Demand Side Platform), ad networks, and direct brand advertisers. Oh, and much more than that!

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Adnimation DFP Free Implementation