Adnimation is an online monetization powerhouse that helps premium content publishers maximize their ad revenues. Through a unique combination of cutting edge technology and a crucial layer of human expertise, publishers enjoy a steady stream of ad revenues, higher than any alternative.

The Publisher Revenues Problem: Web publishers create captivating content that readers love. This is what they do best. But too often they struggle with a myriad of ad networks and monetization tools, and still don’t earn enough ad revenues!

That’s why we created Adnimation. Adnimation offers a full monetization service that manages the ad delivery systems of premium websites, maximizing their revenues.

We are not an ad network. Our unique combination of cutting-edge technology along with a personalized human touch enables websites to connect with the most suitable demand sources and advertisers. In fact, alongside taking unwanted work off the publisher’s shoulders, Adnimation serves as a filter between the publisher and the numerous ad exchanges, ad networks, monetization widgets and tools. Speaking on behalf of the publisher, we know who to work with, what to ask and how to make sure it’s handled.

Your In-House Revenue Officer. Never leave your website monetization to a single network again.

Serious Revenues Boost. Working with Adnimation, publishers not only slash unwanted workloads, they also boost revenue. Analyzing the accumulated results of dozens of premium websites, Adnimation increases ad income by an average of 35%-55%. In many cases, especially with challenges of high volume social traffic and mobile access, publishers report a much higher increase.

The reported increase in advertising revenues remains substantial after deducting the fees paid to Adnimation. And so, with a reduced workload and higher revenues, it’s a win-win relationship and an easy decision.

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