Get Access to the Full Power of Google AdX

We are a licensed Google AdX Network Partner Manager. This means that we manage publishers for Google AdX. If you are a premium content publisher, we can help you with getting access to AdX and much more than that.

Why Google AdX

You probably work with Google AdSense, which is the largest ad exchange. Yet Google also operates a premium ad exchange with high-end advertisers and higher payouts called DoubleClick AdExchange also known as Google AdX. Most publishers report higher earnings and better looking ads with Google AdX.

Google AdX Experts

Google AdX requires ongoing work and management to maximize the potential ad revenues. The Adnimation team works closely with Google to keep our technical knowledge and professional expertise at the highest level possible. As part of our premium monetization service, we will not only get you access to Google AdX, we will also manage all your website’s work in the exchange.

More Than One Premium Exchange

When working with Adnimation, we will make sure that each and every impression meets the right advertiser. To do so, we will connect the ad inventory to more than one programmatic source. In fact, we will build the perfect mix of exchanges, ad networks, monetization tools and widgets. Call an expert to stay on the cutting edge of ad tech.

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