Facebook Starting To Use Header Bidding

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Facebook’s Audience Network is testing header bidding technology.

This enables ad exchanges to compete against each other for ad space on other websites. Facebook is testing header bidding on both mobile and video ads.

The leading technology these days is the header bidding, some publishers, such as USA Today Sports Media Group are already working with Facebook’s Audience Network to implement the technology.

Facebook is looking to expand its Audience Network, which lets brands extend their Facebook ad campaigns outside of Facebook. Audience Network generated $1 billion in sales last year.

Some say that this technology marks the end of the traditional waterfall what’s behind, and some other says that they are waiting for google to announce about their competitive product that called “exchange bidding”.

The header building helps us increase the revenue by 30%-50% in most cases, the implementation is usually pretty easy when you use an Adnimation special wrapper, we usually add 5-10 premium demand partners, we allow them to compete in RTB as pre-bid supplier.

Creating several tiers help us maximize the revenue and earn higher CPM’s.


1 – Pre-bid (Header Bidding).

2 – Google ADX.

3 – Premium demand partners.

4 – Remnant partners.

After saying that, it is very important to build the setup in a professional way, otherwise the code will not work properly.

More about header bidding you can find here.

For more info on monetization, see this article.

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adminFacebook Starting To Use Header Bidding

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