Adsense Ad Limits Per Page Has Been Removed

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In what is great news for publishers using AdSense. Google has recently removed the three ad units per page limit. With this change, publishers can add any variety of ad units within the pages, as long as the content continues to outweigh the ads on the page.

One of the largest complaints from bloggers and publishers concerning Google AdSense was that they were allowed to use at most three content ad units per page. Additionally, they were allowed to use three link units and a couple of search boxes.

It’s great news for all publishers since Google has taciturnly removed the restriction on the three content ad units for all publishers. There is still no official announcement from Google. However, they indeed removed the particular details that cite the old ad units per page rules from the policies page and it was replaced with text that obliquely permits any variety of ad units. Of course, this is as long as the page contains more content than ads, always a major concern of Google since Adsense was introduced.

Old Policy:

New Policy:


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adminAdsense Ad Limits Per Page Has Been Removed

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