How To Improve My Site Results?

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How to improve my site earning?

Want to improve your results? when you want to understand the revenue and how to improve it, it’s helpful to understand where users are coming from. Are they using mobile devices or desktop computers? Are they coming from one specific country or location? It’s good to take a look at your analytics and discover what types of users you’re getting.

Once you know a bit more about your users, you can start to build a report in order to figure out what is working best. For example, you can look at which countries are the highest performing.

{OK, now I know from where they are coming, and I know in what devices they are using, now I need to build my reports. For US mobile users I need to understand what is the best performing size, let’s take 300×250 vs 320×50, and we can build the report like this:}

After taking a look, you can see which groups perform best, and adjust your ads accordingly.

Now I can remove all the bad performing sizes, and add better performing sizes instead.

When we are testing the layout we should look at the active view viewable, the higher this number, the better chance people will see the ad and click on it, as we can see it here:

In most cases we recommend using several ad networks, and send them the best performing countries/devices.

Remember: Always cap the number of impressions that you are sending because you do not want to see 50% of the impressions with the low performing network.

Demand the best source is Google Ad Exchange (AdX). If you don’t have access, you can get it through us.

When you want to allocate the impressions between the networks, the best thing to do is to use the DFP, inside the DFP we can build special rules that help us decide how allocate the impressions and help the Adsense and AdX to maximize the performance

adminHow To Improve My Site Results?

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