Google Just Announce On Native InFeed ads

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Native InFeed ads are the newest feature from Google

Publishers who are using Google Adsense and ADX can create various types of ads, depending on their product type

  • Display
  • Mobile In-app
  • Video
  • Games

The newest feature is for the display product, and it is now enabled for some premium ADX and Adsense sellers.

The benefits of InFeed ads:

  • A new monetization tool that can generate more money.
  • A better mobile UI experience.
  • Solution for mobile web.
  • Highly customized units.
  • High quality of advertisers.

How does it look?

Native InFeed Ad


How to start?

Type in “new ad unit” and choose InFeed ads

New Ad Unit

Choose how you want it to look:

Choos how you want it to look

Below are examples of how it looks on your site:

Image above:

Image Above

Image on the side:

Image on the side

Title above:

Title above

Text only:

Text only

From here it can be customized to be as native (similar in design) to the site as possible:

Get the code

From here you can go live on the site.

For reporting, you can use the regular reporting metrics broken down by Ad Unit.

Additional information from Google can be found here.

Need any tips? Additional help? Contact us and we will be happy to help.


Maor D



Maor co-founded Adnimation after a successful stint as VP Digital of the Jerusalem Post Group, where he more than doubled readership and earnings. His vast experience in digital publishing and monetization spans over a decade, including as the VP of the Zap Group. He attended both The Open University and Bar Ilan University where he received his first and second degrees in business. With a shared goal of helping companies focus on their content without worrying about the ads, he helped turn Adnimation into the fast-growing, successful company it is today. Overseeing the day-to-day operations, he also helps us keep our proper nutrition in the office. When he is not in front of his four monitors, Maor can be found riding his bicycle faster and farther than the average car.

Maor DavidovichGoogle Just Announce On Native InFeed ads

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