How A Big Publisher Became Much Bigger Through Expert Website Monetization

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The Publisher Secret Weapon: True Story

This is the true story of how one content publisher managed to make the leap from big to huge through expert website monetization. Since it comes with actual data and numbers one could call it a case study. Yet I find a story to be much more compelling. It all started with a phone call.

David Takes A Leap Of Faith

Mike and David started their website with belief in their hearts. They wrote about faith alongside news for a conservative audience. And their words touched a gentle chord within many people’s hearts. The website grew steadily, mostly through Facebook sharing, and reached over 1 million monthly users.

Both David and Mike had prior experience with online publishing and together with their team they gave the website a strong package of advertising. Without compromising user experience, they placed several display banners throughout the website.

The first combination worked well. Through the Google ad server DFP, they have connected Google AdSense alongside other ad networks. Later on, they added header bidding with OpenX. The growing engaged traffic yielded excellent results and the ad revenues helped them finance the activity.

But it was never enough. With the big numbers so did the costs kept growing. And just like many publishers, they found themselves struggling. Now, instead of focusing on content, they had to juggle between numerous offers from ad networks, trying to improve performance.

This was the background for the leap of faith. One crazy morning David picked up the phone and called me. I’m not sure, he said, but I think we could use your help with better website monetization.

A-Team Publisher Monetization Higher Ad Revenue

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Website Monetiztion: The Experts Step In To Save The Day

Remember The A-Team? Or the nowadays Scorpion Team? When the sophisticated team of heroes shows up, analyzes the situation, and with a touch of genius saves the day at the last moment? So it was nothing like that.

David had invited the website monetization experts team from Adnimation to try and improve the revenue stream from ads on their big website. And like all beginnings, it wasn’t easy and it took longer than a 40-minutes episode.

Yet the process is similar.

First of all, our team analyzed all data from Analytics, Facebook and the different ad networks. It’s amazing how time and time again we find insights that the publishers didn’t know. Then, we started implementing changes carefully.

We connected the website to ADX – Google’s premium ad exchange, where detailed daily work is needed. Not all websites have access to ADX. Luckily, Adnimation is a network partner of Google and we have extensive experience and unique techniques for selling ads in higher prices within the exchange.

Then, the monetization team redesigned the entire construction of the ads on the website. Among the many challenges, we also had to deal with the monetization of Facebook Instant Articles and Accelerated Mobile Pages. We leveraged our connections with several ad networks and brought in a few monetization tools which we had previously tested on other sites. The improvements included our own header bidding technology with multiple demand sources and dynamically placed mobile ads.

To David’s surprise, we actually removed a few low-performing ads, since we believe that less ads means better user experience and more returning visitors. It’s very important for the long term.

The Website Growth Boom: From Big To Huge

The experts team from Adnimation now managed the entire ad inventory of the website, all with full transparency through an elegant dashboard. Within eight weeks the ad revenues doubled and reached over $230,000 per month. Can you imagine your business with less work and double the revenue? This is how it happened.

Big to Huge Website Monetization

Photo Credit: Adnimation

Consequently, the Adnimation expert website monetization team managed to increase the RPM and get it to $12 on 100% of the traffic. RPM is a good measure, it counts how much money the website earns for each 1,000 page-views. Through smart programmatic advertising, strong ad technology and a lot of hard work, the website could now earn much more.

In the same time, with no monetization work, Mike and David had much more time on their hands. And they spent it well. They created more content and improved their social networks involvement, leading to even more readers. The audience kept growing rapidly.

This combination of more visitors and higher earnings from each visit made the difference. The bottom line was a 120% increase in ad revenue. Mike and David could now expand their editorial team and plan ahead how to become a huge publisher.

Meet Adnimation: The Website Monetization Powerhouse

The expert monetization service is not for everyone. Only websites with original content and a real organic audience are suitable. This is because Adnimation works with the top tier advertisers, ad networks and exchanges.

It is not an ad network! Adnimation joins publishers as an in-house chief revenue officer and manages the entire ad inventory. In fact, the team comes between the publisher and the different ad networks and monetization tools.

Not sure you understand? This 1-minute video below explains it much better.

Are You A Publisher Who Needs Higher Ad Revenue?

Finally, if you think your website can benefit from this secret weapon – a professional website monetization service – and from higher ad revenues, drop me a word. You are invited to read more and connect through the Adnimation website. When you’re ready, I’d be happy to talk… Fill the form here below to. Talk soon!


    Tomer Treves co-founded Adnimation after a decade in executive leadership positions in the digital world, including as VP Sales and Marketing at DeltaThree and CMO at Infolinks. He attended both HUJI and TAU where he received his first and second degrees in law with emphasis on technology. Tomer is also a reserves Captain in the acclaimed 8200 Intelligence IDF unit. Over the years, Tomer has helped perfect the formula that makes Adnimation so successful, and is constantly thinking of new, better ways to lead the company forward. In his spare time, he can be found running and swimming, both much slower than he would like…

    Tomer TrevesHow A Big Publisher Became Much Bigger Through Expert Website Monetization

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