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Traditional ad placements result in less impressions, less clicks and less revenue. Our unique dynamically placed ads explode top line revenue through strategic placement.

More impressions, more revenue

Traditional static ads lead to less impressions, less clicks and less revenue. Your visitors ignore repetitive ads and often don’t even see them due to banner blindness. This means the advertiser sees a lower return, and so you, the publisher, receive lower prices and earn less.

Adnimation can help.

We’ve created a solution to overcome this problem. Named ‘Dynamically Placed Ads’, our service offers a number of formats that allow ads to subtly draw your users attention in a place where they’re already looking. The days of the traditional square Adsense box are long gone, our new sliders, sticky ads, in-read and a host of other options offer huge potential upside with no effort on your part.

That’s where we come in.

We can handle your dynamic ad placements, especially on mobile, where users simply scroll past ads as a second nature – leaving view-ability tediously low. Our unique technology identifies when the user slows down and opens the ad just below the content, visible for when the user is ready.

  • What a difference their insight and management has made! We're now generating 4X the revenue we were able to bring in on our own. I wasn't even sure that was possible. This lift in revenue has been a game-changer for us... — all thanks to Adnimation.

    Seth Dillon Babylon Bee
  • Dear Adnimation team, we simply love working with you guys, highly appreciate the service… Thank you for showing us the money!

    Aleen Kuperman Betches
  • Since I measure results closely, it was very important for me to see bottom-line higher ad revenues. You guys delivered big time… Keep it up!

    Eli Cohen Jews News

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