New Mobile ATF Policy Change For Mobile

Google Just announced their mobile web strategy

Google’s Mobile Strategy – until today it was forbidden to add a medium rectangle ATF on mobile sites. From today Google announced that publishers can add an ATF medium rectangle as part of the mobile web strategy.

How to do it right?


Google still doesn’t recommend having 300×250 banner to be the first thing on the page (i.e above the headline) as this could increase the likelihood of accidental clicks.

The Optimal placement:

A portion of the mobile ads to “peek” above the fold on mobile devices.  For the best visibility, they recommend that 50% of the ad should be viewable ATF.

What to do now?

Now it’s a good opportunity to switch between 320×50 and 300×100 to 300×250, the CPM will be higher and the CTR will be higher. You can use DFP or Adsense, or you can apply here to use  ADX.

We always recommend to try A/B testing on the location and on different sizes. That way you can optimize the revenue based on the best performing sizes.

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