Ad Revenue Safety

Protect your most important asset, your revenue streams, with our dedicated team to ensure you stay within policy guidelines at all times.

Peace of mind, guaranteed

You build up your traffic, create great content and your users love your brand. Then disaster strikes. Your account is banned for a breach of policy by a major network and your revenue dwindles to a measly amount overnight. Sound familiar?

Adnimation can help.

Being black listed by Google or Facebook is one of the biggest risks to any publisher. Our policy team makes sure that your site is Google and Facebook compliant at all times, so you don’t have to monitor the latest changes and tweaks to their long list of policies and expectations. We implement measures to prevent breaches and make sure you’re alerted if any changes are needed.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve created a full revenue protection service that ensures the future of your revenues, saves you time and gives you peace of mind.

  • What a difference their insight and management has made! We're now generating 4X the revenue we were able to bring in on our own. I wasn't even sure that was possible. This lift in revenue has been a game-changer for us... — all thanks to Adnimation.

    Seth Dillon Babylon Bee
  • Dear Adnimation team, we simply love working with you guys, highly appreciate the service… Thank you for showing us the money!

    Aleen Kuperman Betches
  • Since I measure results closely, it was very important for me to see bottom-line higher ad revenues. You guys delivered big time… Keep it up!

    Eli Cohen Jews News

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