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Succes Stories

Love is in the air since 2013!

Love from the Betches

Dear Adnimation team, we simply love working with you guys, highly appreciate the service…
Thank you for showing us the money!

Aleen K.
Betches Love This (betches.com)

Monetization Experts

The Adnimation team has proved to bring priceless knowledge and expertise
and translate it into higher revenues. Please keep up the excellent work!

Gabe A.
Vayner Media (vaynermedia.com)

Much Higher Revenues!

Since I measure results closely, it was very important for me to see bottom-line higher ad revenues.
You guys delivered big time… Keep it up!

Eli C.
Jews News (jewsnews.co.il)

Fast Results

Adnimation team, you rock! Thanks for stepping in,
working around the clock and delivering exactly what we needed, higher revenues and fast.

Ben G.
101 Great Goals (101greatgoals.com)


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