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We know – because we’ve worked with so many publishers like you – how conscientious, thorough and demanding you are about your craft. And you’ll want to partner with an agency that expects equally high standards when it comes to website monetization and ad revenue.

You’re probably used to companies promising the world, so it’s easy to be cynical – and we completely understand why.

But with Adnimation, our interests are 100% in line with yours. Your success is our success, and that is why we work together as partners to fuel our joint success.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have been with Adnimation for more than 4 years now. They have proved to be knowledgeable and experts in improving monetization on our sites. Since nobody is perfect, there have been a very few mistakes done all these years, which is totally natural, but taking responsibility and fixing the issues is something that very few companies would have done. They work diligently and they are always one phone call away, always available, always improving our performance in the long term. We now consider them not just partners but friends. Thanks for your excellent work!”

Dr. Ioannis (John) Syrigos, Co-Owner & Managing Director of Ancient Origins

“We’re now generating 4X the revenue we were able to bring in on our own. I wasn’t even sure that was possible. This lift in revenue has been a game-changer for us, allowing us to hire more staff and stay focused on our core business — all thanks to Adnimation.”

Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee

“Starting to work with Adnimation has been an incredible improvement in our revenues. Not only have we experienced a significant improvement in ads but also a better response from users; the ads are less intrusive than other platforms, and their team manages to optimize them in such a way that the CTR increases considerably. At first, we were afraid of switching from AdSense to another platform because, in the past, we have tried other platforms, but all of them were worse than AdSense, but without a doubt, it has turned out to be the best decision we could have made.”

Pelayo Juez del Río, Owner of Fichas Motor

“At first, I felt pretty comfortable within the conventional AdSense ecosystem. However, after I initiated the partnership with Admination, I have been exposed to the full potential of ad revenue. Admintation is a great company to work with. Every email was answered fast and efficiently. Their customer service is amazing, and the technology is advanced. I truly recommend other publishers to partner with an ad-tech company like Admination.”

Yossy Mendelovich, Owner of Y.M. Cinema

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