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Adnimation’s proprietary CTV Fusion tool allows you to easily integrate Google’s video demand with your CTV app and existing ad server to maximize your bottom line revenue

Our new partnership with Adnimation continues to be a success. We needed to diversify our CTV demand sources, and Adnimation has proved true, by substantially increasing revenue and unlocking one of the largest marketplaces for us.

Brian Bloodgood
Head of Sales, Loop Media (NYSE: LPTV)

Seamlessly Integrate Google’s CTV Video Demand with CTV Fusion

High-Priced Ads

CTV Fusion harnesses Google’s premium marketplace to leverage the industry’s top advertisers.

Keep Your Existing Ad Server

Our tool is compatible with third-party SSAIs & ad servers, enabling you to keep your existing ad server.

More Competition

The large pool of quality advertisers made available by CTV Fusion maximizes competition, driving up the demand for your ad inventory.

Simple Implementation

Our proprietary wrapper enables you to enjoy all of the functionality of Google’s PAL SDK without needing to implement the PAL SDK itself.

Increased Fill Rates

Enjoy higher fill rates thanks to the large number of new top-tier advertisers afforded by CTV Fusion.

Ad Placement Flexibility

Maximize your revenue by placing the ads where and when you want.

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