Adnimation is a Google licensed company that works with the world’s premium ad exchanges, and therefore we have to adhere to all the relevant policy guidelines.

That means we cannot work with sites featuring gambling, pornography, drugs, or other similar content.

In addition, we only work with websites that generate substantial traffic. Please contact our team for further details.

Yes! We are a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), the highest level of Google’s publishing partners.

Being a GCPP means that we are recognized by Google for our effective and trusted monetization solution for publishers, constant and consistent growth, and the utilization of advanced technology.

The GCPP badge serves as a symbol of trust for publishers, indicating that we have a track record of success in maximizing ad revenue for publishers.

Not even a little!

Adnimation is all about serving the publisher. In fact, we don’t even offer solutions to advertisers, and we couldn’t be prouder of that fact – as it allows for our interests to be 100% in line with yours.

We have no conflict of interest; we are committed solely to you and work to get you the most from your ads.

While too many ads can potentially slow down your site and negatively impact your SEO and user experience, our seasoned professionals and advanced technology ensure that your SEO and UX will not be harmed.

Adnimation’s “less is more” approach optimizes ad placement and quantity to ensure that you generate more revenue while maintaining your optimal site speed and user experience.

Yes! In fact, Adnimation was the first company in the world to receive Google’s CTV monetization product, which enables us to run Google ads on your CTV channel.

Yes! Adnimation works with mobile apps, websites, and CTV channels/apps.

Adnimation’s Customer Success Team offers multiple channels of communication, including email, phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype with an average response time of less than two hours.

We work on a revenue share basis, meaning we take a percentage of the ad revenue as compensation for our services.

We have no upfront fees or costs, and that is why our only interest is making sure that you’re generating the highest possible ad revenue, because your success is our success.


Adnimation sends you one monthly payment directly to your bank, which saves you the hassle of handling the payments from various ad networks.

The payment is sent on net +35 days, meaning 35 days after the last day of the month.

We work with Bank Hapoalim International based in New York, so if your bank is in the United States it’s an ACH transfer, and if your bank is located outside the US it’s an international wire transfer.

If you prefer to receive the payment via another method (PayPal, for example), we will work to accommodate that as well.

Yes! We are 100% transparent and our secure and easy-to-use dashboard enables publishers to view both their gross and net earnings.

This is in contrast to many other companies that only show publishers their net earnings. In such cases, publishers are unaware of how much revenue they are actually generating and the amount of fees that are being deducted.


Adnimation’s advanced technology is capable of serving every type of programmatic ad available today, including:

  • Responsive display banner ads
  • Header bidding
  • Video ads
  • CTV/OTT ads
  • Mobile app ads
  • Lazy loading ads
  • Viewable refresh ads
  • Multiplex/content recommendation ads

We believe that it would be irresponsible to promise a specific number, as there are so many factors that determine RPM such as genre, geography, traffic source, types of ad units, and more.

However, our partners have experienced an average RPM increase of at least 30%.

Certainly! As you know your audience the best, you can continue selling direct campaigns alongside the programmatic ads that we are managing on your site.

In addition, we also provide direct campaign services if you require assistance selling direct campaigns.

Yes! With Adnimation, you don’t need to serve ads on all of your website’s pages if you prefer not to. You can just let us know which pages you would like to monetize, and we will make it happen.

Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is simple and consists of several easy steps:

  1. After you review your monetization needs with one of our specialists, you sign a no-lock in contract and get started.
  2. Our team will request access to your analytics and ask to connect to your Google Ad Manager (or create one if you don’t have).
  3. Our team will create and send a mock-up of the ads for your approval. You will have the opportunity to make changes and customize the ad placements according to your preference.
  4. We will send you a simple piece of code to add to your digital asset, which will enable the ads to run.
  5. Enjoy your increased ad revenue!

The time it takes to get up and running depends on many factors including the types of ads and the size of the site, but we can have your site ready in as little as a few days to a week.

Not at all. We have a no lock-in contract with a clear clause stipulating that you can opt out at any time given prior notice, no strings attached.

Our success is your success; therefore, we want our publishers to stay with us for our great results and service and not due to a legal obligation.

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