Google ADX

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Google ADX

What is Google ADX? Do we need it? How can I apply?

  • Google Ad Exchange (AdX), the premium exchange, is the largest RTB platform in the world (DoubleClick Ad Exchange).
  • Google AdX provides higher quality ads with better payouts.
  • Adnimation has partnered with Google to offer AdX to our publishers.
  • If you don’t have access to it, we can get it for you.
  • AdX requires a lot more attention and expertise than AdSense in order to be really profitable.
  • Preferred rev-share.
  • Better moderation.
  • Brand safe.
  • Better ads.
  • Video ads.
  • App monetization

After saying that, we can look at the top 100 publishers in the world, 100% of them are using the ADX, 70% of them as the major demand source.

Further, if we look at the alternatives, we can find a lot of ad networks, most them have lake of demand, which mean that the publishers will gain less for the same traffic.

It’s highly recommended to use the DFP as well as the ADX via dynamic allocation, the option is not always enabled (Need help enable the option? Contact us directly).

Why do we need DA (Dynamic allocation):

The DA allows Google to compete on all the DFP line item (Except sponsorship and standard), as well as maximizing the revenue.

Therefore, this option maximizes the revenue from Google and from the other campaigns (Other networks, direct campaigns, etc.).

How to set up rules:

It’s a real art to generate the exact rules, moreover here at Adnimation we use special API’s that helps us build accurate rules and to change them on a daily basis.

In fact the biggest advantage is the rules, when using only the Adsense the user can create any rules, they have limited option to moderate and maximize the revenue.

Therefore, our best recommendation is using the only the premium tools that Goole can offer such as the above and also the alternatives together.

Need help? Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us today.


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