DFP Support for Publishers? Get it here free!

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Yes, you heard it right. We are offering free online support for publishers using DFP. Read the article to find out more, before submitting your questions using the DFP Support Form at the bottom of this page.

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is a hosted ad server that allows website publishers to manage ad placements for direct campaigns and ad networks. Owned and provided by Google, DFP is the most commonly used ad server in the world.

There are two levels of license. First is DFP Small Business, which is free and includes most of the features necessary for small and medium content websites. This free version is available when serving less than 90 million monthly ad impressions, excluding Google AdSense impressions.

The higher level of license is called DFP Premium, which is suited to larger websites with need for more customization and advanced features like audience management. The DFP Premium price is determined per the volume of ad serving and the publisher’s ability to negotiate.

DFP Support Resources

DFP is a very strong ad server, which most publishers find suited to their needs. But, it’s not an easy system to set up and navigate. From trafficking and inventory, to delivery and reporting, to mobile ads, native and video – DFP requires extensive knowledge.

The good news is that Google offers all basic DFP tutorials on their website. There is also the DFP Help Forum where any publisher can ask advice from other forum members, some of whom are real experts.

You can find further independent guides and tutorials online that offer detailed explanations about how DFP works, creating campaigns with DFP, and line item types. Read more about this on our DFP blog.

Advanced DFP Issues

Sometimes, online help and support resources just won’t cut it. Advanced DFP users still face complex challenges ranging from complicated queries to unique integrations. And of course, sometimes even experts need advice – and all of us can always learn more.

Some DFP issues require a special license from Google. For example, connecting the DFP to Google’s premium DoubleClick AdExchange (Google Adx) requires a license. Such connection can leverage the dynamic allocation feature into higher ad revenues.

How to get free expert DFP Support online

Our team here at Adnimation now offers free DFP support. Yes, you heard it right! So, I’m sure you’re thinking – what’s the catch? Well, we offer this help free for two reasons.

Firstly, we love DFP and use it all the time. We learned a lot from others and believe that giving some of that knowledge back to the publishers’ community is good for all of us.

Secondly – and it’s not a secret! – by helping publishers in this way we hope to learn more about their needs.

Our team here helps publishers manage their programmatic ad sales; we have a network license for Google Adx and master accounts for all the big exchanges; and we utilize advanced ad tech solutions – all for the benefit of our partners.

In the past two years, we partnered with over 120 content publishers to manage their ad sales and join them as an outsource revenue officer. With hard work, we’ve reached an average increase in RPM of more than 50%. Moreover, publishers love working with us as we take care of all their ad tech needs.

And so, when we offer this free DFP support online, we hope to learn more about your needs and perhaps offer you our services in the future. But rest assured, we will never pass your details to anyone else and by receiving our help you are not committed in any way to try our services.

So, if you have a DFP related question that can’t be answered via any of the resources listed above, then we’re here to help. Just fill out the form below, and we will do our very best to answer all your queries. Simple as that!

DFP Support Free

DFP Support Online Form

Please fill out the form below, and we will do all we can to answer your query within 3 days and hopefully much faster.


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    Tomer TrevesDFP Support for Publishers? Get it here free!

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