Is your website ready for the Core Web Vitals release coming up?

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In a few weeks Google will start to include in its website scoring algorithms new parameters. Websites which are not ready may lose significant traffic and revenue.

What are Core Web Vitals?

As part of a Google initiative to improve user experience quality on the web, Google started to measure several website performance parameters called Web Vitals.

The most important three Web Vitals, called the Core Web Vitals, measure three aspects of user experience: loading speed, interactivity, and layout stability.

1. Largest Contentful Paint: LCP measures loading performance and it should be loaded within 2.5 seconds.

2. First Input Delay: FID measures interactivity which should be available to users within less than 100 milliseconds.

3. Cumulative Layout Shift: CLS measures visual or layout stability and pages should maintain a CLS of less than 0.1.

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What Happens in May 2021?

Websites which score low may lose organic traffic and get lower prices for their ad space. Websites ranking high should expect to see an increase in these important metrics.

If you need further information on how to improve the scores, please contact us.

Core Web Vitals


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Tomer TrevesIs your website ready for the Core Web Vitals release coming up?

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