Ad Manager, Adx, DFP: Google’s New Names

Ad Manager: The New Google Name for AdX and DFP

Ad Manager is the new Google tool for ad management within websites. Most content publishers know Google DFP, or DoubleClick for Publishers, which is the most popular ad server for websites. Another famous tools is AdX, or DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which is the premium as exchange for high quality publishers.

Now, after a decade, Google is bringing DFP and AdX together under a single name and tool, the Google Ad Manager.

Ad Manager Help and Support

Since the introduction of the new Google Ad Manager, in July 2018, Google offers all of the DFP and AdX features under the same user interface. If you have an account to either DFP or to AdX, you should be able to login into the new Ad Manager and know your way.

However, since the features have shifted around, some publishers are looking for Ad Manager help or Ad Manager support, to assist with the transition. As part of the Adnimation service, our team helps all partnering publishers with the new Ad Manager.

We’re happy to extend this offer to all publishers, as long as you’re ready to learn a little about our technology and service. Adnimation partners with publishers to improve the programmatic ad sales process and increase ad revenue. We have a license to manage publishers within AdX – now part of the Ad Manager – and results show that we yield higher RPM to all partners.

Higher Ad Revenue with Google Ad Manager

If you’re a publisher seeking to earn more from the ads in your website, we can help. Not only that our technology and service maximizes the ad revenue, we also do this in your very own DFP or Ad Manager. With this 100% transparency, you can be sure that we work for you and you alone, not preferring advertisers’ interests over yours.

For Ad Manager support, please submit your question in this form below.

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