Adnimation First to Receive New Google MCM License, New Products Available to Publishers

On February 2021, Google issued to Adnimation a new high level license to manage multiple publishers under the premium Ad Manager 360 platform, attesting high quality of work

New Google Platform

Google had recently announced the migration of the previous agency product to a new and improved platform called Multiple Customer Management, or MCM, which is only available in the premium Google Ad Manager 360 suite of products.

This MCM platform offers publishers the most advanced tools and technology to manage their ad inventory and sales process and it is accessible through leading publishers’ agencies like Adnimation,  who can consult, represent, and manage networks or inventory on their behalf.

Leading Publishers’ Agency

Adnimation manages the ad sales process and optimization of all ad inventory for leading publishers worldwide. For the past several years, Adnimation was operating under an agency license from Google and reported excellent results and growth trends.

Now, after another leap forward in the quality of monetization and partnering publishers, Google granted Adnimation a high-level license to its newest MCM platform.

To the best of our knowledge, Adnimation is the first to receive this license in Israel.

Great News for Publishers

After the migration to the new MCM platform, based on Google Ad Manager 360, Adnimation can now expand the offered technologies to publishers reaching new heights.

Among the newly available products, Adnimation can extend the Open Bidding tool for all partnering publishers, offering new demand sources from leading ad exchanges, and also offer better Programmatic Guaranteed deals from direct advertisers.

As always, we are proud to stand beside our partnering publishers, and increase their ad revenue while keeping the best possible user experience. This new Google license is a true vote of confidence in Adnimation’s team and the growing scope and quality of our work for publishers.

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