Ads.txt Analyzer Extension for Chrome

Fast and easy access to any website’s ads.txt file with a new and unique extension for Google Chrome. View and install here: Ads.txt Analyzer.

Publishers Acknowledge: The Importance of the Ads.txt File

The Ads.txt initiative, backed by Google and the IAB through The Coalition for Better Ads, aims to reduce ad fraud. Publishers are encouraged to add this file to their websites, declaring who is authorized to sell programmatic ads for them. The absence of the ads.txt file or mistakes in its implementation lead to significant ad revenue loss.

To learn more about the ads.txt file, read the Ads.txt Publisher Guide. By now, several months after the launch of the initiative, most leading publishers have already implemented the solution and have an active ads.txt file.

The entire ad tech industry enjoy the consequences of higher level of transparency and less intermediaries and fraud attempts.

Everyday Use of the Ads.Txt File

Publishers, advertisers, ad networks and exchanges, ad tech companies – every where you look, online ads and monetization professionals check the ads.txt files of multiple websites on a daily basis. For most, we check ads.txt files many times every day.

While the file is readily available at the web address, accessing it is a tedious task. For each website, users need to open a new tab, go to the web address line, and type manually the suffix of ads.txt. This takes time and effort.

The Ads.txt Analyzer Chrome Extension

Now, finally, a new extension for the Google Chrome browser provides easy access to the ads.txt file.

After adding the extension to Chrome, upon visiting any website, one click on the extension logo will open a floating window with the content of the ads.txt file.

The Ads.txt Analyzer was developed by Adnimation and it’s offered for free to any user. It is completely clean of any privacy risk issues, as the extension does not collect any data whatsoever.

Click here to visit the Google Chrome Web Store, where you can easily add the Ads.txt Analyzer extension to your browser.

Ads.txt Analyzer Tutorial

Using the Ads.txt Analyzer Chrome extension is extremely easy. Once added to your Chrome browser, it is readily available for use through a small Ad symbol on the top right corner of the browser, in the extensions area.

One click on the extension logo will open a floating window with the content of the ads.txt file. The window allows browsing both vertically and horizontally if the content is long.

In addition, in the sub-header, the ads.txt file location is clickable, so you can easily access the actual file by clicking it.

Lastly, in rare cases when the website is active under a sub domain, for example, the extension will first check for a specific ads.txt file of the sub-domain. If it’s available, like here, it will show the specific file. In it’s absence, the extension will search for and fetch the top level domain ads.txt file (if you allow it 2-3 seconds).

Ads Analysis by Adnimation

The only button within the Ads.txt Analyzer Chrome extension offers Ads Analysis by Adnimation. This is optional only and does not interfere with the operations of the extension, nor does it collect any data.

Upon clicking the Ads Analysis button, users may enter their contact details to receive a professional review of the ads within their websites.

Adnimation is a pro-publishers monetization agency that partners with high quality content publishers to improve their programmatic ad sales process and increase ad revenue. The new Ads.txt Analyzer Chrome extension was developed by Adnimation as part of their efforts to help publishers perform better and it is offered for free to all.

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