DFP – Double Click For Publishers

DFP – the most powerful tool to manage your inventory

As a publisher we need to decide how to allocate the impression between our campaigns. The DFP can help us decide. Using special setups you can learn how to maximize your revenue by using this powerful tool.

How does the DFP work?

First, we need to define the ad slots, in other words, where we want to see the ads showing (Direct campaigns and  pragmatic revenue).

Next, once we define all the inventory we can start mapping the campaign priority. For example: direct campaign, affiliation, Adsense, ADX etc.

Then we can start building the campaign.

Moreover, the DFP will help us to build each order differently. Additionally, using different priorities, each campaign needs to be built on a different order.

Each order contains multiple line items, each line item should be in a different line item type.

Line Items type:

  • Sponsorship– will get 100% of the impression, does not compete with the other line items (Not competing with Google ADX as well).
  • Standard– For direct campaigns, here we can decide how many impressions, period, clicks, etc. (Not competing with Google ADX).
  • Network– This is for all the unsold impressions, here we can decide what percentage of the amount we want to send to each network (This line item type is competing with Google ADX).
  • Price Priority– In this line item type we can allow the networks to compete with each other on different price levels (This line item type is competing with Google ADX).
  • House– Here we can deliver the house ads, all the unsold inventory will deliver here, usually the in-house campaign.
  • Adsense/ADX – This line item type needs pre-approval from Google. After the approval, the publisher can enable DA (Dynamic allocation) in the line item level, in other words – real time bidding between the line item and google ADX.

From here on, we are ready to go live. And we can start by measuring the results using the Query tool.

In the query tool we can build any kind of queries starting with clicks and impressions, and up to a URL and key values.

Of course we can also schedule special reports to be sent to us on a fix date or hour.

Feeling overwhelmed? Feel free to contact us anytime.

We are always here for additional information and a free DFP implementation.

DFP official guide.


Maor Davidovish


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