Google AdX – How Publishers Can Join The Premium Exchange

How to join Google AdX

Google AdX offers content publishers higher ad revenue than AdSense and other ad networks. Here’s how publishers can join the premium ad exchange.

What is Google Adx?

Google AdX, officially called DoubleClick Ad Exchange and mostly pronounced Google Adex, is the premium Google ad exchange. This is where the high-end brand marketers buy their CPM campaigns. Better ads, higher payouts. This is why publishers that monetize their websites with ads want to join Google’s AdX.

Google AdX vs. AdSense

If you’re a content publisher working with Google AdSense, you probably want to upgrade to AdX. In most cases, when comparing AdSense to AdX, Google AdX will generate higher ad revenue. You can read a more detailed comparison and explanation here: Adx or AdSense.

Joining Google AdX

When visiting the AdX official website you won’t find a sign-up button. There’s no public way to apply into AdX. In fact, Google invites only very big websites to participate directly in the premium exchange.

For the majority of publishers, including medium and larger websites, the only way to join AdX is through a Google Adx Network Partner.

Google granted a limited number of AdX network licenses to companies that assist publishers to sell their ads through the exchange. And so, to apply to AdX publishers need to contact one the AdX partners. Clearly, they also need to qualify with high quality original content and reasonable organic and social traffic.

Choosing a Google AdX Partner

As you can imagine, our recommendation would be our own team here at Adnimation. We help publishers increase ad revenue from programmatic ad sales, using technology together with a personal service. As part of our service, using our AdX Network License, we also offer publishers entry into Google’s AdX.

One of the main advantages of working with Adnimation is that we don’t just connect your website to the exchange and forget about it. This doesn’t work well in the long run. Google AdX is a marketplace; therefore, publishers need to proactively manage their ad sales activity there.

And that’s exactly what we do.

We help publishers join AdX, manage their activity within the ad exchange, and much more, including header bidding with multiple sources, DFP management and effective dynamic mobile ads.

To apply for Google AdX today, please get in touch with our team.


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