Google June 2024 Spam Update – What You Need to Know

Another Google spam update is underway.

On June 20, 2024, Google announced the release of a new spam update, which is scheduled to roll out over the next week.

According to the tech giant, the update is “a normal / broad spam update… It’s a normal spam update, it’s not the algorithmic part of reputation abuse.” In other words, the update is a regular update and is not aimed at any specific spam issue.

Google’s updates have a large impact on the amount of traffic generated by a website, which directly reflects ad revenue.

In this article, we’ll take you through the Google June 2024 spam update and explain everything you need to know.

What is the Google Spam Update?

The Google Spam Update is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to combat web spam and ensure a safer, more trustworthy web environment. Web spam refers to any attempt to manipulate search engine rankings through deceptive or manipulative practices, such as:

  • Keyword stuffing: Overloading a webpage with keywords to manipulate its ranking.
  • Cloaking: Showing different content to users and search engines.
  • Link schemes: Using links intended to manipulate domain authority or a site’s ranking in Google search results.
  • Doorways: Designating to target particular, closely related search queries, guiding users through intermediate pages that are less informative than the ultimate destination.
  • Expired domain abuse: Purchasing or repurposing an expired domain to manipulate the search rankings.
  • Hidden texts and links: Hiding text or links in the content of the page to target the web crawlers while keeping the content hidden to humans.
  • Automated content: Generating content through automated means without adding substantial value to users.

Why Does the Google Spam Update Matter?

The importance of the Google Spam Update cannot be overstated. It serves multiple critical purposes:

  1. User Experience: By filtering out spammy content, Google ensures users find valuable and relevant information more easily, enhancing their overall search experience.
  2. Fair Competition: Websites that adhere to Google’s guidelines and focus on quality content are given a fair chance to rank higher, as opposed to those engaging in manipulative practices.
  3. Security: Many spammy sites can be harmful, hosting malware or phishing scams. The update helps in reducing the prevalence of such threats.
  4. Trust and Credibility: By prioritizing genuine, high-quality content, Google helps build trust with its users, ensuring they rely on its search engine for accurate information.

How to Adapt to the Google Spam Update

To ensure your website remains compliant and continues to perform well in search rankings, consider the following strategies:

  1. Focus on Quality Content: Create original, valuable, and engaging content that meets the needs of your audience. Avoid shortcuts like automated content generation or excessive keyword stuffing.
  2. Adhere to Google’s Guidelines: Regularly review Google’s spam policies to stay updated on best practices and ensure your site follows them closely.
  3. Natural Link Building: Build links organically by creating high-quality content that others naturally want to link to. Avoid buying links or participating in link schemes.
  4. Regular Audits: Conduct regular site audits to ensure there are no spammy elements. This includes checking for harmful backlinks, ensuring your content is up-to-date, and confirming that all technical SEO aspects are in order.

Don’t Let the Spam Update Harm Your Ad Revenue!

The Google Spam Update is intended to keep your website cleaner, safer, and more reliable.

Violating Google’s policies runs the risks of your content appearing less in Google Search, which will result in lower visitors and ad revenue.

If you’re unsure how to best ensure that your site adheres to all the relevant guidelines, feel free to reach out for a free consultation.

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