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Higher CPM – How can I get it for my website ads?

Collecting higher CPM payments for website ads must be the most common question I hear from publishers. How can I earn more from ads on my website?

First, let me say that this question is a little misleading. You should actually focus on RPM and not CPM, meaning the bottom line ad revenue for all ads on a page, and not necessarily the CPM of a specific ad. But let’s leave this discussion to another post.

Getting higher CPM takes a lot of work. Yet there’s one tool that you can utilize today and will increase your website ads CPM shortly after.

Analysis Finds Faster Loading to Increase CPM by 50%

Testing several websites for which we manage all programmatic ad sales, we found that the website’s loading time has a crucial effect on revenue.

In fact, we repeatedly found that increasing loading time leads to higher CPM with a whopping average of 49.84%. This increase means that it’s definitely worth investing in your website’s speed.

How does it work?

Organic Traffic: Faster loading time has many benefits. Google prefers faster sites and takes speed into account when scoring websites. And so you can expect SEO improvement and organic traffic. Most advertisers are willing to pay more for organic traffic.

Engagement: Users also prefer faster sites, the bounce rate drops and the overall experience improves. Faster websites have higher chances of getting repeat users. This means engagement is higher, which is exactly what advertisers are seeking.

Programmatic Technology: And then advertising technologies, like header bidding and real time bidding, work under very strict time limitations. The faster the website loads, the higher the chances that the ad-tech tools will perform well. When they perform well, the ads may get higher bids and eventually higher CPM.

How to Get Higher CPM with Faster Loading

If you still haven’t done so, it’s highly recommended to test your website’s loading time with the Google PageSpeed Insights tool (link here). Websites receive a separate score for mobile and for desktop. You should aim to get green scores for both and it’s not easy.

Google also suggests steps you can take to improve the website’s speed. Go step by step. Once the website loads faster, if you manage programmatic ad sales correctly, the CPM will be much higher.

Additionally, you can contact us here at Adnimation and we can help you. This is our expertise, working with publishers to increase programmatic ad revenue. Once the site is faster, our header bidding technology and Google AdX management, to name a few tools, will yield even better results.



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