How a Major CTV Publisher Is Generating More Than $1,000,000 in Monthly Revenue With Adnimation’s CTV Fusion Tool

In October 2022, a major CTV publisher contacted us.

The publisher, which operates apps on Roku, Amazon, Apple TV and Android TV, read about the first-ever Google CTV monetization product that was granted to Adnimation.

The publisher was seeking to boost its ad revenue and was hopeful that Google’s video demand was the key.

Harnessing the Power of Google’s CTV Ads with CTV Fusion

Prior to partnering with Adnimation, the publisher was generating ad revenue via a variety of ad demand sources.

The publisher’s apps are in high demand, so it succeeded in generating a significant amount of revenue. But there was a lot of room for improvement.

After an in-depth meeting, the company’s leadership decided to partner with us and we immediately went to work implementing our proprietary CTV Fusion tool.

CTV Fusion

CTV Fusion is a proprietary tool that enables CTV publishers to easily integrate Google’s video demand with CTV apps and existing ad servers.

Using a proprietary wrapper, our tool offers publishers all of the functionality of Google’s PAL SDK without needing to implement the PAL SDK itself.

In addition, CTV Fusion is compatible with existing ad servers and SSAIs, which allows publishers to enjoy Google’s premium demand while still keep their existing demands to maximize competition.

The Results – More than $1,000,000 in Monthly Revenue, Boost in CPM and Fill Rate

The results were instant.

From the moment the publisher implemented our solution, the company’s monthly revenue exploded to a whopping $1.31 million!

CTV screensaver apps revenue boost

Unsurprisingly, the fill rate and CPM also skyrocketed by an average of 40%.

The publisher is still in disbelief at the numbers and their only regret is that they didn’t partner with us sooner.

Looking to Boost Your CTV Ad Revenue? Look No Further Than Adnimation

Thanks to Adnimation’s unique CTV Fusion tool, our partnering publishers have a big advantage in creating competition between advertisers over their video ad inventory.

Don’t miss out on generating more revenue.

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