How Adaptive Banner Ads Can Help Boost Your App’s Ad Revenue

Boost mobile app revenue with adaptive banner ads

If you’re a mobile app publisher, monetizing your app and generating ad revenue is likely a critical element of your business model.

Sounds simple enough.

But mobile app monetization and website monetization differ in several ways, notably the amount of screen size available for ads. That is why it’s critical to optimize your mobile app with ads that were created specifically for mobile devices.

And that’s where adaptive banner ads come in.

Banner Ads – What Are They and Why Do They Need to ‘Adapt?’

It’s hard to not be familiar with banner ads – the rectangle ads that frequently appear on your screen while browsing your favorite websites or apps.

Banner ads have been a staple in advertising for years; they don’t occupy much screen space, are easy to implement, and can even refresh.

But when it comes to banner ads on mobile apps, they are problematic for the simple reason that phones come in a variety of sizes. That means the proportions of certain banner ads can be potentially warped depending on the dimensions of the device.

Poor looking ads translate to poor performing ads, which result in lower ad revenue for publishers.

Adaptive Banner Ads to the Rescue

True to its name, adaptive banner ads for mobile apps are capable of adapting to the size of a user’s device to dynamically serve the optimal banner size.

In addition to improving UX, adaptive banner ads also eliminate the need to implement custom code for different devices. This means better looking ads with less time and resources spent on development.

Two Types of Adaptive Banner Ads

There are two types of adaptive banner ads: anchored and inline.

Anchored: These ads are stuck to the top or bottom of the screen and remain on the screen when a user scrolls. In light of this, the max height for these ads is limited to avoid taking up too much space on the screen.

adaptive anchored banner example

Inline: These ads are placed within the content and can be much larger than anchored ads, as users have the ability to scroll past them.

adaptive inline banner example

How Can I Set Up Adaptive Banner Ads?

While adaptive banner ads are effective, setting them up can be complicated.

If you are not experienced with the technical aspects of app monetization, it’s best to seek professional help to set up, monitor, and optimize your ads.

A professional monetization service like Adnimation will remove all the hassle of setting up and optimizing your ads so you can focus on what you do best – creating amazing content.

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