Exclusive Interview with Adnimation CEO Maor Davidovich in The World Financial Review

Adnimation Co-Founder and CEO, Maor Davidovich, recently shared his insights on Adnimation and on the advertising industry as a whole in an exclusive interview with The World Financial Review.

In the interview, Davidovich discussed what differentiates Adnimation from its competitors, including its hands-on approach, transparency, and sophisticated technology such as hybrid header bidding.

Currently, there are two methods of header bidding – client-side and server-to-server – each with its own advantages and disadvantages. What we did was combine these two methods into one, merging the advantages of both methods while discarding the disadvantages. The results were tremendous.

We performed an in-depth study for a year, analyzing more than 100 partners for whom we implemented hybrid header bidding, and found that our solution outperforms the standard header bidding by more than 18%.

Davidovich also discussed Adnimation’s proprietary CTV Fusion tool, which enables CTV publishers to easily integrate Google’s premium video demand with their CTV apps.

The tool includes a custom wrapper that allows CTV publishers to access all of the functionality of Google’s PAL SDK, which is needed to access Google’s demand, without having to deal with the complicated implementation process.

The wrapper also integrates with existing ad servers and SSAIs, enabling publishers to access Google’s demand alongside their current ad networks. This creates more competition and allows CTV publishers to fully maximize their ad revenue.

Davidovich was also asked about the future of the monetization industry.

Above all, we should expect the unexpected. The ad tech industry is so dynamic that it’s impossible to predict what will be in five years or even one year. What we do know is that the technology is constantly evolving, and it’s incumbent on us to always be ready, to never be complacent, and to always be researching and developing new technologies.

To read the full interview, click here.

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