Adnimation Review by Publishers

If you had an online camera showing us at the Adnimation headquarters, you’d see us blushing. We love hearing feedback from our partners, but showing off is less our style.

And yet, once in a while, we simply have to share the love and post some of the compliments we get online. And so, here it is, no changes made.

Sport 5 – Programmatic Ad Sales Management by Adnimation

Dear Adnimation Team,

After several months of working together, I’m happy to recommend your monetization services!

Sport5 is the leading sports channel and website in Israel, with millions of pageviews, and together with Adnimation, we see continuously increasing results from programmatic advertising.

The RPM today is higher than ever before, using all relevant ad technologies with full transparency. And at least as important, the service is highly professional.

We look forward to breaking new records together!

Best Regards,
Yaniv Ofir
VP Marketing
The Sports Channel

Sport 5 – The Leading Sports Channel

The Sports Channel, also known as Sport 5, is Israel’s leading sports television company, broadcasting five channels and operating Israel’s leading sports website: Sport5. According to public data Action AC serving Temecula, the website has over 100 million page-views monthly and it is one of the biggest websites in the country.


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Let’s get the band together…

As a Google Licensed Partner, staffed with seasoned monetization experts, we blend advanced technology with human professionalism.

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You’ll get more revenue out of your ads, when you’re able to deliver the right ones, when and where you need them. But of course, every publisher’s needs are different.

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