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It couldn’t be more important to protect your website’s most important asset, its revenue streams. Here at Adnimation, we have a dedicated team to ensure you stay within policy guidelines at all times.

Guaranteed peace of mind for publishers.

You build up your traffic, create great content and win rave reviews from users. So far, so wonderful. Then, disaster strikes. Your account is banned for a breach of policy by a major network, and your revenue dwindles to a measly amount overnight. At such moments, you’re probably thinking, “there must be a way of avoiding this.” Well, there is.

Allow us to relieve some of your burden.

Being blacklisted by Google or Facebook is one of the biggest risks to any publisher. Fortunately, our policy team here at Adnimation has the skills and knowledge to help make sure your site is Google and Facebook compliant at all times.

That way, you can focus on what you do best with your site – creating great content – instead of having to monitor the latest changes and tweaks to these companies’ long lists of policies and expectations.

We’ll implement measures to prevent breaches and make sure you’re alerted if any changes are needed – so that you can worry that little bit less.

Fighting publishers’ corner with the complete service.

If all of these woes sound familiar, get in touch with the Adnimation team today. We’ll tell you more about our full revenue protection service that will be key to safeguarding the future of your revenues, while saving you time and giving you vital peace of mind.

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An experienced company with seasoned monetization experts, we blend advanced technology with human professionalism.

How does that manifest in reality? Well, it means that every day, our experts review the data, speak with advertisers and exchanges, and make improvements for publishers like you.

With us, you can soon be selling the same ad space on your website for higher prices.

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