Site speed optimization

Online, every millisecond counts. If attentions drift, so can the effectiveness of your website’s monetization efforts. Make the most of your impressions with blazing fast loading times that sky-rocket revenues and improve the user experience for the readers of your content.


Don’t waste a millisecond. 

Google’s Gary Illyes recently gave a controversial speech at the Search Marketing Summit. In it, he explained that the search giant was updating its algorithm to specifically look at the page speed of mobile pages when deciding ranking factors.

As it remains Google’s priority to give the best user experience to its searchers, we can safely assume that load times will factor heavily into its calculations for a long time to come.

Is your site lagging behind on mobile? If you’re unsure where to start to ensure you aren’t negatively impacted by the change, it’s time to get in touch with Adnimation.

If you’re a publisher, Adnimation is here for you.

You spend your time expertly crafting content that your readers adore. It’s what you’re brilliant at. But you’re overwhelmed by the sheer breath and depth of site speed optimization options out there. Caching, minifying, compressing… they all sound like a foreign language.

So, get in touch with us instead.

We’ve created a full speed optimization service that digs deep into a site’s development to optimize and speed it up. This consistently translates into higher organic rankings, improved user experience, and real-life increases in revenue for our publishers.

Crucially, it’s also completely ‘hands off’ for you. We’ll take charge, with our service that combines the attentive human touch with cutting-edge technology.

Let’s get the band together…

As a Google Licensed Partner, staffed with seasoned monetization experts, we blend advanced technology with human professionalism.

How does that manifest in reality? Well, it means that every day, our experts review the data, speak with advertisers and exchanges, and make improvements for publishers like you. With us, you can soon be selling the same ad space on your website for higher prices.

You’ll get more revenue out of your ads, when you’re able to deliver the right ones, when and where you need them. But of course, every publisher’s needs are different.

Get started today by contacting our friendly experts. We’d love to chat about how we can serve your most demanding requirements, and deliver that Adnimation magic.

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