Video monetization

Video, it’s fair to say, has utterly transformed the digital marketing landscape in recent years. And no less importantly, it has also given publishers a new potential stream of ad revenue… that is, if they are even taking advantage of it.

The all-too-sad reality is that even today, many publishers still have no or very little video content on their sites. This is despite the high engagement levels of video meaning that advertisers are actually willing to pay much more for video ads.

Here at Adnimation, we’re doing our bit to change that. We’re doing it by offering a range of video solutions that empower publishers to create immersive ad experiences for their viewers.

An easier way to do video advertising.

Video is often an under-utilized platform in the advertising world. The common go-to video ad types that do exist are pre-roll or display ads.

However, this presents a problem whereby banner blindness begins to kick in and ads become dull and repetitive. What if you could offer new types of video ads to monetize your content in a compelling and engaging way?

Now could be the time to get in touch with Adnimation.

When it comes to video monetization, don’t accept anything less than the best. We combine content discovery, adaptive video streaming, video hosting, video player branding and video analytics to make you more money per video view than any other set-up available.

A partner with the full wealth of video monetization expertise.

We’ve created a full video monetization service that manages the video and analytics systems of premium websites and helps drive revenue.

Reach out to the Adnimation team now, for more information about our service that combines the best cutting-edge technology with a highly informed human touch.

Let’s get the band together…

As a Google Licensed Partner, staffed with seasoned monetization experts, we blend advanced technology with human professionalism.

How does that manifest in reality? Well, it means that every day, our experts review the data, speak with advertisers and exchanges, and make improvements for publishers like you. With us, you can soon be selling the same ad space on your website for higher prices.

You’ll get more revenue out of your ads, when you’re able to deliver the right ones, when and where you need them. But of course, every publisher’s needs are different.

Get started today by contacting our friendly experts. We’d love to chat about how we can serve your most demanding requirements, and deliver that Adnimation magic.

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