How We Do It?

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Our clients are asking us, guys, how do you that?

So here is a few tactics:

  • Our in-house Monetization Managers together with our proprietary algorithms and expertise enable you to reach optimal revenue results from your existing pages views.
  • Our experience, technological knowledge, and industry relationships are what makes the difference.
  • Everything is customized for your site, based on data, earnings history, and reader demographics.
  • We have relationships with all the top networks and exchanges and have negotiated better rates than most publishers can get on their own.
  • You get the benefits of working with multiple networks, with one point of contact.
  • For all of your ad networks that are working well for you, we will optimize them for you.
  • Also, we’ll supplement them with higher-paying ads and additional networks.
  • When relevant, we utilize Header Bidding which ensures that the highest bidder wins across all platforms.
  • Every publisher gets a personal manager focused on increasing your revenue, who takes care of all ad management, tracks results and stays in touch.

Need more information? Read about ANM case study.

Please feel free to contact us,

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adminHow We Do It?

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