A New Mode – Monetization Case study

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Web Mite Monetization – A New Mode  Case Study

ANM is an entertainment site that includes two types of content. The site includes a regular content site with articles about relationships and dating. In addition to the articles the site also has a quiz site with questions relating to dating and relationships, real monetization challenge. 

When Adnimation started working on the site the RPM was $0.80. ANM at that time was working with Sovrn, Adsense, but they did not have their ads running through DFP.

ANM presented us with several challenges to improve their revenue:

  1. Very long articles
  2. Pages with explicit words
  3. New layout on the way
  4. Traffic came from all around the world not specific to one or two countries
  5. They did not have responsive ad units for mobile users
  6. Policy violations (Google)

How did we fix it?

  • Site Redesign
    • We analyzed the performance of each unit.
    • Based on that data we built a new layout for the site.
  • DFP
    • We implemented new ad units running through DFP.
    • This change included adding Google’s Ad Exchange (ADX) with Dynamic Allocation.
  • Mobile Friendly
    • All the new ad units were built to be responsive ad units to make sure that the site is fully mobile friendly.
  • Ad Unit Optimization
    • We removed the underperforming ad units and replaced them with dynamically inserted ads.
    • We also added an anchor ad to the mobile version.
  • Explicit Word filtering
    • We identified and marked all the “explicit” word pages. On these pages, since we could not run Google’s ads, we are able to serve ads from non-google networks.
  • Added Networks
    • Integrated a few strong networks to compete with ADX
  • ADX Optimization
    • Created special set of rules for this site based on Geo-targeting and Ad Units to increase the CPMs per ad unit.
  • Native Ads
    • We added native ads in specific placements on the site where we know they will receive a high CTR

The result:

ANM’s RPM rose steadily from an RPM of $x to an all time high RPM of $3x The combination between our cutting edge technology and our human eye improvements created a win-win situation. The owners now have more time to build high quality content. Thanks to the new RPM they now have more money to invest in other parts of the business.

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Maor co-founded Adnimation after a successful stint as VP Digital of the Jerusalem Post Group, where he more than doubled readership and earnings. His vast experience in digital publishing and monetization spans over a decade, including as the VP of the Zap Group. He attended both The Open University and Bar Ilan University where he received his first and second degrees in business. With a shared goal of helping companies focus on their content without worrying about the ads, he helped turn Adnimation into the fast-growing, successful company it is today. Overseeing the day-to-day operations, he also helps us keep our proper nutrition in the office. When he is not in front of his four monitors, Maor can be found riding his bicycle faster and farther than the average car.

Maor DavidovichA New Mode – Monetization Case study

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