Google AdSense Support: Contact Is Possible

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Google AdSense support exists! Working with content publishers, one of the most common questions I hear relates to contacting Google AdSense and Adx support. And the good news is that it’s definitely possible.

Why Publishers Want To Contact Google AdSense Support

At one point or another, any content publisher has a question for the team at Google AdSense. And more often than not, it’s an urgent question. Since AdSense is a major source of ad revenue, this is not surprising.

The question can be a positive one, for instance about a payment’s schedule, ad placement or policy clarification. It can also be related to negative circumstances, for example upon an account suspension or breach of policy alert.

In any of the cases, whether positive or negative, the publisher rightfully wants answers. This is also true for publishers who are connected to the premium Google ad exchange, DoubleClick Ad Exchange (Google Adx).

Google AdSense Support: The 1st Tier

First of all, the first tier support for Google AdSense is online only. Under the AdSense Help website many questions are answered in writing and there are also written and video guides for many issues.

When publishers can’t find the needed answer within the written help, the next place to look is in the AdSense Help Forums. Especially relevant there, a huge community of fellow publishers and experts tries to help and answers almost any question.

How To Talk With Someone About AdSense Questions?

And still, sometimes publishers just have to talk with someone, it’s understandable. In a recent visit to the Google regional headquarters in Dublin, Ireland I finally understood why it’s almost impossible.

It seems like Google is fundamentally a technology company serving millions of customers. They make every possible effort to design the products for self-service, acknowledging the difficulty to provide direct service to such a huge audience. And let’s be honest, it works very well.

For big publishers who work with AdSense or Adx, Google came up with a solution. A select group of expert teams was acknowledged as Google agencies under certain certification programs. This group receives from Google extensive training, unique tools, and when needed direct access to internal experts. This way, publishers can speak with experts who are not Google employees, but still have access to whatever is needed.

Google AdSense Support

Google AdSense or Adx Question? Contact Us Now

Our team at Adnimation holds a unique Adx Network Partner Management license from Google. We work with content publishers to maximize their ad revenues.

If you have an urgent issue with your AdSense, Adx or DFP activity, we invite you to contact us. We will do our best to help out and would hope that you would then consider to work with us for the long run.

In conclusion, for DFP and AdSense support, please fill out the form below, and we will do all we can to answer your query within 3 days and hopefully much faster.

UPDATE: This AdSense support offer is now open only to publishers with a minimum of 1,000,000 page-views per month.


    Tomer Treves co-founded Adnimation after a decade in executive leadership positions in the digital world, including as VP Sales and Marketing at DeltaThree and CMO at Infolinks. He attended both HUJI and TAU where he received his first and second degrees in law with emphasis on technology. Tomer is also a reserves Captain in the acclaimed 8200 Intelligence IDF unit. Over the years, Tomer has helped perfect the formula that makes Adnimation so successful, and is constantly thinking of new, better ways to lead the company forward. In his spare time, he can be found running and swimming, both much slower than he would like…

    Tomer TrevesGoogle AdSense Support: Contact Is Possible

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