Adnimation Co-Founder Talks Plans for Growth With MergerMarket

Adnimation Talks Business Strategy and Future Plans in MergerMarket

In a feature interview with MergerMarket, a top business intelligence service with the world’s largest collection of M&A journalists, Adnimation President and Co-Founder Tomer Treves discussed the company’s future plans and business strategy.

In his conversation with MergerMarket journalist James Ward, Treves discussed a range of topics, including potential Adnimation acquisitions in the field of CTV.

Adnimation has been making a significant impact in the field of CTV ad monetization since launching the world’s first Google CTV monetization product in 2022. Currently, Adnimation monetizes more than 1,000 CTV apps.

Treves also explained that Adnimation is focused on continued growth and would consider going public given the correct timing and conditions.

Adnimation has been “tempted” with offers by buyers and has considered an exit, he said, because it is both profitable and has a simple capital table with two co-founders which could make for an easy transaction.

A bigger company that has some leverage could take Adnimation to new markets, Treves said.

Adnimation doesn’t need to exit, he explained, so it will continue to “ride out the wave,” he said, adding Adnimation intends to achieve double-digit growth annually with relatively low growth in headcount and overhead.

Treves also discussed Adnimation’s publisher base and focus:

Its sweet spot for customers is publishers with between one million and 20 million monthly visitors, which are substantial websites with original content, he said. Customers include The Babylon Bee, automotive-focused websites and some of the largest Chinese American websites with Mandarin content.

“We actually kind of grew a specialty in foreign languages in the American market,” he said.

Sixty-five per cent of its customers are in the US, he said.

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