First CTV Monetization Google Product Granted to Adnimation

First CTV Google Monetization Product Granted to Adnimation

In a move to expand programmatic advertising in OTT and on Connected TVs, Google granted Adnimation a new product under the MCM program to monetize CTV channels and apps.

Digital streaming of video over the internet, professionally referred to as Over-the-Top or OTT, can be consumed through any computer or connected mobile device, and recently more and more through Connected Televisions or CTV. As watching video content is shifting from traditional broadcast to such digital streaming, creators are looking for innovative ways to monetize their content and advertisers seek new ways to place their ads within this video content.

Google operates the largest advertising exchange and both video creators and publishers of CTV channels strive to gain access to this huge video advertising demand source. However, integrating CTV with Google ads requires access to Google’s Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), a server-side video ad technology which is both technically complicated and difficult to attain.

And now, Adnimation is thrilled to announce that Google video advertising is finally available to CTV publishers for improving monetization, increasing ad revenue and maintaining user experience. Adnimation is a Google licensed company, under the Multiple Customer Management (MCM) program, which allows online publishers to earn ad revenue under Adnimation’s management.

Recently, Google granted Adnimation a unique access to a new product, under the MCM program, which allows placing video ads from Google advertisers within OTT video content and in CTV channels. Under this license, Adnimation received access to Programmatic Access Libraries (PAL), which are lightweight SDKs (Software Development Kits) that provide discrete access to targeting signals for Google Ad Manager programmatic ads.

Put simply, with Adnimation’s technology and this new Google license, publishers who partner with Adnimation can now place highly priced video ads from Google advertisers within their CTV channels and OTT video content. This gives Adnimation partnering publishers a big advantage in creating competition between advertisers over their video ad inventory. Managing their monetization, Adnimation then leverages this healthy competition into higher priced video ads and eventually into much higher ad revenue.

In the last three months, the Adnimation team was busy implementing this new CTV monetization license for several CTV apps and channels, available on all platforms, including Roku, Android, iOS, tvOS and HTML5 (read a case study here).

Building on this initial success, Adnimation now invites all OTT and CTV publishers to apply for access to Google video advertising demand alongside its leading monetization technology and services.


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