Demand Partners – Top Ad Networks

Ad Networks – So many of them, how do we choose the right one?

Ad Networks – In our developing world we see many ad networks rise and fall every day, yet some of them perform well and the rest, let’s just say that we need to stay away from them.

First, lets talk about the parameters, what we need to look at when we are talking to the ad network rep:

  • Fill rate- we will want this number to be as high as possible (Above 70% is recommended).
  • GEO- Where is their best demand? Which State? Which country? Africa? (Target the DFP to the right countries).
  • CPM-  Do they offer fixed CPM? (Recommended) Or only rev-share deals? (Not recommended).
  • Payment terms – Usually the are net 30, but some of them can even be 60 or even 90 days.
  • DFP – Are they working with all kinds of ad servers? Can we use DFP?
  • Dashboard – Can the user generate the tags by himself?
  • Passbacks- Do they support passbacks?
  • Devices – Do they support mobile? Desktop? Both?
  • Header bidding – Do they support HB?

Premium ad networks:

  1. Google ADX – The biggest, and the most powerful ad networks out there, the best CPM network.
  2. Adsense – The same as the ADX, but on a smaller scale, no moderation capabilities, no rules options, and different rev-share base, this is the biggest CPC network.
  3. OpenX – Very strong demand partner, mobile and desktop, and header bidding, accepts only huge players.
  4. Criteo – This is a retargeting network, usually the fill rate will be very low and the CPM pretty high.
  5. Pubmatic – Also very strong demand partner, especially on mobile.
  6. Matomy – They used to be a very strong in-banner video partner. They also have mobile solutions with pretty good CPM’s.
  7. Audience Network – Facebook has a very high CPM, they can work on apps, and on videos.
  8. Sovrn – Very strong demand for desktop, not recommended to try them on mobile.
  9. PulsePoint – Very strong demand for mobile and desktop, and starting to work with header bidding.

What is the best way to test the ad networks?

The networks will always ask to “try” the inventory for 3 months on a rev-share basis, I personally never agree to any of these tests, I always ask for fixed CPM during the test.

We need to at least spilt the risk (Low CPM?), We also need to configure it the DFP.

Remember: never hard code the tag on a site before you have tested them!

The DFP is protecting your site from malicious tags and malware – so always use DFP.

Have any question about any network? Feel free to ask us.

Want to read about ANM cast study? Find it here.




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