How Adnimation Increased Y.M. Cinema’s Ad Revenue by 121%

Adnimation case study Y.M Cinema ad revenue increased 121%

Y.M. Cinema is a fantastic online magazine that focuses on news and insights related to cinematography and post-production.

The website serves as a great resource for filmmakers, content creators, cinematographers, editors, moviegoers, directors, and cinephiles everywhere.

From AdSense to a Full Monetization Package

Prior to partnering with Adnimation, Y.M. Cinema was using Google AdSense to generate ad revenue.

After a meeting with the website’s founder, we learned more about his business needs and quickly understood that he wasn’t maximizing his ad revenue potential. We explained our plan, and soon after our partnership began.

What We Did

  • Full Monetization Package – We set up the website with a full ad package, including header bidding, above-the-fold, display, interstitial, sticky footer, recommendation, and other ad units – all optimized for user experience.
  • Video unit – Our monetization experts added a video unit, which works well with sites like Y.M. Cinema and serves as a significant source of ad revenue.
  • Customized Ad Locations – The website had a number of pages on which they did not want ads to appear, so we made sure that the ads only appear where they wanted them to.

The Results – A 121% Increase in Revenue after Four Months

In the first full month partnering with us, Y.M. Cinema’s revenue grew by 21%, but we were just getting started.

Once our monetization experts optimized the ads after the first month, the revenue skyrocketed to 89% in the second month. By the third month the revenue increased by 106%, and by the fourth month the revenue increased a whopping 121%.

In addition, by the end of the fourth month the RPM exploded by 256% and the AdX fill rate stood at 91%.

Y.M. Cinema is thrilled with the results and is looking forward to seeing what his Adnimation-powered monetization will bring in the coming months.

At first, I felt pretty comfortable within the conventional AdSense ecosystem. However, after I initiated the partnership with Admination, I have been exposed to the full potential of ad revenue.

Admintation is a great company to work with. Every email was answered fast and efficiently. Their customer service is amazing, and the technology is advanced.

I truly recommend other publishers to partner with an ad-tech company like Admination.

Yossy Mendelovich, Founder, Y.M. Cinema



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