CTV Monetization Tool Enables Easy Google Demand Integration

CTV Fusion

CTV Fusion, a new proprietary tool developed by Adnimation, enables CTV publishers to easily integrate Google’s video demand with their CTV apps.

This new CTV and OTT monetization solution is compatible with existing ad servers and server-side ad insertions (SSAIs), which allows publisher to enjoy more competition and much higher revenues.

How It Works

CTV Fusion is a custom wrapper developed by Adnimation that allows CTV publishers to access all of the functionality of Google’s PAL SDK without having to implement the PAL SDK itself, which is a technically complicated process.

Prior to our solution, CTV publishers seeking to access Google’s video demand faced three issues:

  1. Acquiring the license for Google’s CTV demand, which is available to only a handful of publishers/monetization companies worldwide
  2. Performing the hard-coded integration of Google’s PAL SDK in their apps
  3. Integrating Google’s demand with other ad servers and SSAIs, forcing publishers to choose between Google’s demand or other demand

Now, with CTV Fusion, publishers can:

  1. Access Google’s demand through our unique CTV monetization license
  2. Easily implement the demand using our proprietary wrapper
  3. Enjoy full integration with other ad servers and SSAIs

As a result, our partnering CTV publishers have a big advantage in creating competition and leveraging it into higher priced video ads and into much higher ad revenue.

Case Study

Read a case study about a major CTV publisher who is now making more than $1,000,000 in monthly revenue with our CTV Fusion tool.

To learn more about how CTV Fusion can help you reach new revenue heights, contact us today.

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You can read the full press release on Yahoo Finance.

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