How TheSchoolRun Increased its RPM by 221% with Adnimation

How TheSchoolRun Increased its RPM by 221% with Adnimation

TheSchoolRun is an absolute must for primary-school parents who want to help their children with their education.

The website offers a vast array of resources, including worksheets, activities, and guides on all the subjects covered in primary school.

TheSchoolRun is staffed by educational experts that also provide parents with practical advice and guidance to help children thrive.

From AdSense to a Full Monetization Package

Prior to partnering with Adnimation, TheSchoolRun was using Google AdSense as its programmatic ad monetization solution.

AdSense was the obvious choice at the time, but as the website grew, so did its revenue potential.

That’s why we set up TheSchoolRun with Google AdX, Google’s premium ad exchange, along with header bidding that leverages competition between top demand partners such as Amazon, Magnite, and OpenX to increase revenue.

We also optimized the ad placements, floor prices, and implemented smart refresh to maximize revenue.

The results were immediate.

A 221% Increase in RPM and 115% Increase in Revenue

Our monetization solution produced immediate results, which translated to increased RPM and overall ad revenue.

By the end of the first three months working with Adnimation, TheSchoolRun saw a 221% increase in RPM and an 115% increase in ad revenue.

This boost in revenue has been tremendous for TheSchoolRun, enabling them to produce more quality content to help parents with their children’s education.

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