Take Charge of Your Revenue with MAP

Adnimation’s Monetization Accelerator Program (MAP) is a unique self-serve monetization solution designed to empower publishers like you to tap into the full potential of your website’s earning capabilities.

Master Your Monetization Process in 3 Easy Steps


Add the ads.txt lines to your website


Choose your ad units


Add the code to your website

Access Premium Demand With No Pageview Limitations

With MAP, you can choose from an array of programmatic ad units with no minimum pageview requirement.



MAP is a unique self-serve monetization solution specifically designed for emerging publishers like you, allowing you to maximize the profitability of your website.

As you grow, so will the potential to utilize more technologies and monetization tools.

MAP publishers will have access to premium programmatic ad units, including units from Google AdX (subject to Google’s approval), and a native ad solution.

The primary difference between the two offerings is the self-serve element; MAP publishers are expected to carry out the implementation process on their own.

MAP also has limited support, with an average response time of three business days.

MAP publishers can choose from the following ad units:

  • Leaderboard (above-the-fold)*
  • In-content*
  • Sidebar*
  • Sticky footer*
  • Interstitial*
  • Read Next (native)
  • Smart Feed (native)

*Subject to Google’s approval.

Once approved for MAP, there are three steps:

  • Step 1: Ads.txt – Add the ads.txt lines to your website
  • Step 2: Customize – Choose your ad units
  • Step 3: Integrate – Add the code to your website

It is critical to fully complete each step before proceeding to the next one.

MAP publishers are provided with access to their own personal dashboard, which gives a comprehensive overview of site’s revenue.


You will have the option to decide which ad units you want to serve on your site.


Once your site meets the below criteria, it will be eligible for our comprehensive solution.

  • Original content
  • Minimum 150,000 monthly pageviews
  • Majority organic search traffic
  • Majority traffic from tier 1 countries.

Click here for the ads.txt implementation guide.

Click here for the header code implementation guide.

For help with technical issues, please consult your WordPress developer.

Due to the nature of the program, Adnimation’s MAP team provides general support only and does not assist with the implementation process.

You can reach out to MAP support at info@adnimation.com


The minimum payout threshold is $400.

Payments are issued on a net +65 basis.

Payments are available through PayPal or a bank transfer to banks within the USA.

Payments are also available through bank transfer to approved banks outside of the USA, subject to a $40 transfer fee per payment.

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