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Adnimation’s Monetization Accelerator Program (MAP) is a unique self-serve monetization solution designed to empower publishers like you to tap into the full potential of your website’s earning capabilities.

Master Your Monetization Process in 3 Easy Steps


Add the ads.txt lines to your website


Choose your ad units


Add the code to your website

Access Premium Demand With No Pageview Limitations

With MAP, you can choose from an array of programmatic ad units with no minimum pageview requirement.


Let’s Get Started!

Introducing MAP (Monetization Acceleration Platform), Adnimation’s self-serve platform designed for small-to-medium publishers to promote their brand across Adnimation’s extensive publisher network.

All you need to do is register here and follow the instructions.

MAP boasts seamless integration and high revenue streams from ads for online publishers.

Our acceleration platform welcomes publishers of all sizes, with policies to ensure ad effectiveness.

We review all websites and reserve the right to decline applications.

As a socially responsible company, we prohibit negative, illegal, or offensive content.

Website review takes up to 72 hours.

You will get a confirmation email upon a website’s approval or denial.

Adnimation maintains a “Clean” network, including MAP.

We do not support websites with spyware, adult content, or any illegal or deceptive content.

This includes hate speech, firearm or drug sales, and participation in illegal activities.

Additionally, customers may only use authorized Ad servers for ad serving or tracking, with billing based on Adnimation’s records.

Once approved for MAP, there are three simple steps:

Step 1: Ads.txt – Add the ads.txt lines to your website

Step 2: Customize – Choose your ad units 

Step 3: Integrate – Add the code to your website.

It is critical to fully complete each step before proceeding to the next one!

Please note: the code generated is site specific and will only work on the approved site connected to your account


Click here to view the tutorial

Click here to view the tutorial


Sign up is completely free.

Currently we process payments by: PayPal and Wire Transfer.

There could be various reasons for this:

  • Ad statuses: Ensure that at least one ad is approved and enabled for delivery by our team to receive traffic.
  • Your ads might not be optimized correctly.

As our platform is entirely self-serve, if you have any inquiries or require assistance, please consult our comprehensive knowledge base through the provided link: FAQ


Navigate to map.adnimation.com and enter your credentials.

Once your website is approved, you will get an automated email with login credentials.

In the MAP dashboard under the Reports tab you can get a quick summary of all your revenue data (the default view is the previous 7 days – this can be changed in the Date Range).


Please note: the code generated is site specific and will only work on the approved site connected to your account

  • Step 1: Ads.txt – Add the ads.txt lines to your website: 

Click here for the ads.txt implementation guide.

  • Step 2: Customize – Choose your ad units 
  • Step 3: Integrate – Add the code to your website. 

Click here for the head code implementation guide. (The MAP Script should be implemented on the HEAD section of the HTML site.)

It is critical to fully complete each step before proceeding to the next one.

It’s that simple! Once the code has been inserted, Adnimation will automatically integrate ad units into your website’s content within minutes.

Once both the ads.txt and the MAP script are properly integrated on your site, the ads should immediately appear on your website.

We highly recommend selecting multiple units from our customization list.

A crucial element in boosting revenue is the volume of your website traffic.

You can enhance traffic by employing various methods, such as advertising on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and others.

Additionally, consider promoting your website through blog posts (both your own and those of your friends), engaging in online community forums, and implementing SEO techniques.

Stay informed about more blogging tips by following our blog.

Ads can be placed anywhere you desire!

With a variety of ad units available (Above the fold, InContent, Smart Feed, etc.).

Adnimation empowers publishers to monetize their websites in a way that suits their individual preferences.

But you must pick at least one!

Adding new websites to your account is a great way to increase your earnings!

In order to add new sites to your account please complete this form.

Ads.txt and Privacy Policy Requirements

To ensure continued advertiser engagement with your sites, Adnimation strongly advises updating your privacy policy.

Publisher properties, including websites, desktop and mobile applications, etc., are required to maintain an active and easily accessible privacy policy. This policy must adhere to the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) Code of Conduct and include, at minimum, the following disclosures:

A prominent hyperlink to an NAI-approved Opt-Out mechanism for Interest-Based Advertising, such as [insert link here].

A clear statement indicating that data may be collected for the purpose of Interest-Based Advertising on the property.

A description of the types of data collected from users for the purpose of Interest-Based Advertising.

As you’re likely aware, the digital advertising industry continually strives to combat fraudulent traffic, safeguard legitimate publishers, and bolster website revenues.

To achieve this, Adnimation has adopted the ads.txt file initiative, championed by Google. Failure to integrate this file may lead to diminished or nonexistent revenue streams.

What is ads.txt?

The ads.txt initiative, by the IAB Tech Lab, aims to combat inventory fraud and enhance transparency in digital advertising. It’s straightforward: publishers place a file on their server which identifies which advertisers are approved to advertise on the site.

This file not only lists partners by name but also includes the publisher’s account ID, the same ID visible to advertisers in a bid request.

Why should I use ads.txt?

By implementing the ads.txt file, you can safeguard your website against fraudulent inventory falsely labeled as originating from your domain.

In essence, utilizing the ads.txt file ensures that more advertiser spend is directed towards legitimate inventory, rather than being wasted on fraudulent sources.

Please read the following article we have published on our blog.

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