How TechTheLead Increased its Revenue by 3X with Adnimation

Techthelead case study

TechTheLead is an amazing resource for tech lovers everywhere.

Whether you’re looking for more information on new technology, phone reviews, or insightful how-to guides – TechTheLead has you covered.

Before partnering with Adnimation, TechTheLead was using another ad management company to generate ad revenue.

It was generating steady ad revenue, but the amount wasn’t representative of what the site should’ve been making.

That’s why we were excited to partner up with them.

A New Approach

The first thing our monetization experts did was craft a customized ad setup that best fit the layout of the site. Each site is unique, and that’s why it’s important to create a custom ad solution for every site.

Once they approved our suggested ad mockup, we went to work with the implementation.

We set up TechTheLead with Google AdX, Google’s premium ad exchange, and integrated our innovative hybrid header bidding solution that leverages competition between the industry-leading demand partners like Amazon, AppNexus, Sovrn, and others.

We also added a high-CPM video ad unit, along with all the latest ad units and technologies available. And then we optimized.

3X the Revenue

Our monetization solution yielded immediate results, leading to a substantial increase in RPM and overall ad revenue.

Now, TechTheLead is making three times the revenue than it did prior to partnering with Adnimation.

It also saw a 301% increase in RPM.

The significant revenue boost has had a tremendous impact for TechTheLead, empowering them to create a greater amount of high-quality content for technology lovers everywhere.

Adnimation is a great platform with a very easy onboarding process. Our revenue jumped almost 300% after a few weeks and we’re very happy with our results. Our account executive, Ariel, was very helpful and super friendly, loved having him explaining the ropes.

Ana Dascalescu, Editor-In-Chief, TechTheLead

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