Website Ad Revenue Analysis – Free Report

Website Ad Revenue Analysis

Publishers can get a free report of their website ad revenue analysis with detailed data, actionable tips and professional tools to improve ad sales and increase ad revenue.

Being a publisher is hard work. You have to create original content, develop an engaged audience, and maintain a website amidst rapidly changing technologies.

Also, financially, it’s not an easy challenge to generate a stead and profitable revenue. With all these tasks to juggle, the ad sales process is often far from optimal.

From experience of working with hundreds of websites, performing a website ad revenue analysis almost always yields necessary improvements.

Of course, the analysis is just a first step. Upon completion you to act upon the report and execute the recommendations.

This is part of our expertise and we’re happy to help.

Ad Revenue Analysis Report

Our website ad revenue analysis report will examine your programmatic sales process and provide insights about a range of items, including:

  • Header bidding
  • Relationships and terms with ad networks
  • Proactive sales efforts within ad exchanges like Google AdX
  • Ad layout
  • Ad view measurements
  • Video ads implementation
  • Mobile ads placement and management
  • User engagement and CTR
  • Fraud activity and bot traffic
  • Content recommendation widgets and results
  • Ad block traffic and counter tools

Why Are We Doing This?

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), we work with hundreds of publishers to improve their programmatic ad sales and generate higher ad revenue.

The first reason behind this free analysis is because it helps us learn. Although we consider ourselves to be monetization experts, there is always more to learn. Working closely with more publishers helps us evolve and grow professionally.

Second, as you may have guessed, after providing you with the free report, we will also use the opportunity to offer you our services.

We will only do so if we see that you could generate higher ad revenue by partnering with us. And if you’re not interested, we will part as friends.

Get Your Free Website Ad Revenue Analysis

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Please note that due to the large volume of requests, we are only accepting websites with more than 100,000 monthly pageviews with the majority of traffic coming organically from tier 1 countries.

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