Monetization – What Is It?

Monetization – What Is It?

Monetization is used to mean the ability to generate a revenue through your Web site or blog. You can monetize your website in different forms, affiliate programs, electronic commerce, premium content, Advertising or any form of revenue generation.

Here is how you can do monetization to your site without hurting the UI. Many sites try to monetize by first placing Adsense code and/or a Programmatic partner on the site, hard coded and wish for the best. Along the way they add more and more ad units. Rich media formats such as, in-read, pop-up/under, docked unit, and huge units that hide the content.

Here is how to make sense of this ongoing battle between getting the highest RPM (revenue per page) and the best UI (user interface), making monetization can be so much fun.

Best UI/UX

The most common mistake publishers are making is that they build a site which is formatted for Desktop and Mobile but the ad code they are putting on the site is not.

This is the most common problem most Monetization experts are facing. On the desktop most of the banners are above the fold and usually they are separated in a good way, but when it comes to the mobile site all the banners are stuck at the bottom one stacked on top of each other.

They have lost a lot of revenue from this since nowadays a lot of the traffic to sites comes from the mobile web. If they don’t place their ads correctly or not in the right stack and sizes, they are leaving money on the table.

The second most common mistake is putting Google’s code strictly on the page and not using an Ad Server.

The most effective way to serve and track performance of each partner (Direct or programmatic) is by using an Ad Server. The most recommended Ad Server is Google’s DFP.

Using Google DFP

Google DFP is easy to use and gives you the ability to add other programmatic partners and do monetization to your site by giving you the best tools and efficient tracking. In addition, Google Adsense or the premium display network, Google ADX, performs best in DFP.

You will need to enable the dynamic allocation and lets you compete on every impression.

If you are just using Google Adsense on the page directly or on DFP without the proper setup with good competition it won’t do well. By competition I mean adding the best partners such as Open X, AOL, Sovrn, District M. One need to understand how to put them on the stack and who perform better.

Which Geo’s and devices are doing well. One needs to monitor the coverage or fill and CPM.

The best mix is having a high CPM and a good fill rate. But most ad networks do not have that so you need to run A/B Tests on different placements to find the best solution for your site. This is what we are doing in Adnimation.

Once you will finish all testing of different placements of the programmatic and finish testing them in different section of your site, (Above the fold or Below the fold, Home page, Article Page or Category page) then, try to max your revenue by keeping and updating the CPM inside your DFP.

For each placement. If not on a daily basis, at least twice a week or more depending on the performance.

I suggest during the test period limiting the daily volume of each placement you are testing. This way you do not lose too much.

I strongly suggest having 10-15% of your total inventory in the test and that should give your new programmatic partner the volume they need to assess the traffic.

Since not all partners have 100% coverage using a passback tag is a must.

The Best Way To Use DFP

The best way is creating a DFP passback tag that all unfilled impressions are coming back to your DFP. Then only run Adsense or ADX on Dynamic allocation and another partner which have 100% fill bidding on those impressions.

To sum it up, monetization takes a long time in order to get the best result possible and for quite some time can be frustrating.

I am strongly suggesting that content is the most important and then how the site is built.

It should be best fit for mobile and desktop and same are the ads on it and placing it on the site, finally the most important is how to add partners and have them set up in DFP.

Now we can create A/B testing on different placements on the site and keep monitoring it on a daily base.

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Assaf Kalderon

VP Monetization


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