First Input Delay

Core Web Vitals: FID

In May 2020, website owners and SEO professionals were excited about the news from Google. The reason was Core Web Vitals. It is a new algorithm that evaluates websites by their loading speed. In other words, it analyzes how quickly the user can interact with the content. However, Covid-19 delayed the implementation of the update.

Core Web Vitals CLS

Core Web Vitals: CLS

In 2020, Google announced that Page Experience would become one of the quality metrics. The company introduced Core Web Vitals – important site metrics that measure user satisfaction and affect SEO. Due to COVID-19, the new algorithm’s implementation was postponed, and it will begin to work only in May 2021. Therefore, website owners will have

Core Web Vitals LCP

Core Web Vitals: LCP

Sometimes users face a long loading website and simply close it without waiting for the results, which has a negative impact on their interaction experience with Google search queries. To avoid such issues, Google found a solution – new website evaluation metrics, which will help rate websites according to user experience. In this article, we


What is Ads.txt?

Ads.txt was introduced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in 2017 as a security provider for the programmatic advertising ecosystem. It significantly increased the transparency in the field, as due to it publishers and buyers can verify inventory-authorized sellers in the industry. Ads.txt is a publicly available record of authorized digital sellers for the publisher’s