5 Best Ad Servers for CTV Publishers in 2024

5 best ad servers for CTV publishers

As a CTV publisher, navigating the crowded market of CTV ad servers can feel overwhelming, especially when the right choice can significantly impact your revenue.

That’s why we created this article – to make your life a little easier.

In this article, we’ll break down the five top CTV ad servers for publishers and unravel why getting access to the world’s premier CTV ad server (hint: it’s Google) might not be as straightforward as you’d expect.

5 Best CTV Ad Servers for Publishers

  1. Google Ad Manager
  2. SpringServe
  3. Publica
  4. FreeWheel
  5. AdButler

Google Ad Manager

As with traditional programmatic advertising for websites and mobile apps, Google Ad Manager remains the top choice for CTV ad server.

Through Google Ad Manager, you can access Google AdX, the largest programmatic CTV and OTT marketplace in the world that offers publishers access to the world’s top tier advertisers.

However, accessing AdX for CTV is more complex compared to websites and mobile apps.

Challenges Accessing Google’s Ad Server for CTV

Accessing Google AdX for CTV comes with several challenges:

  1. Access to Google’s CTV monetization product – Google’s CTV monetization product, which gives publishers access to its PAL SDK needed to access the demand, has only been granted to a select number of publishers and monetization partners.
  2. Difficult implementation – Implementing Google’s PAL SDK requires an advanced level of expertise, which many CTV publishers struggle with.
  3. Integration with other ad servers server-side ad insertions (SSAIs) – The hard-coded implementation of Google’s PAL SDK makes it challenging to integrate it with other ad servers and SSAIs. This means that publishers are forced to choose between Google AdX and other ad servers, rather than having a combination of both.

Solution to Access Google AdX for CTV

Adnimation, a Google Certified Publisher Partner (GCPP), developed a proprietary CTV Fusion wrapper that enables CTV publishers to easily implement Google AdX into their apps.

Utilizing Google’s CTV monetization product, Adnimation’s wrapper enables CTV publishers to access all of the functionality of Google’s PAL SDK through a simple implementation process, without having to implement the PAL SDK itself.

The wrapper also provides seamless integration with existing ad servers and SSAIs, which enables CTV publishers to keep their existing ad servers and SSAIs, maximize competition, and generate higher revenues (read a case study here).

To get started with CTV Fusion, contact us today.


SpringServe is an independent ad server built to offer CTV publishers a way to monetize their content.

Their products are designed to operate openly, with the intention of fitting seamlessly within the digital advertising ecosystem.  SpringServe’s tools are engineered to adapt to various business environments, allowing for a more personalized approach to ad serving.

Features include real-time reporting, transparent optimization, and a rapid user interface demonstrate.

In 2021, SpringServe was acquired by Magnite.


Like SpringServe, Publica is an independent ad server created for CTV publishers.

Its features include real-time reporting, OTT header bidding, campaign management and deep analytics. In addition, it offers audience targeting, ad pod automation and server side ad insertion (SSAI) that helps its publishers monetize their CTV app.

Publica was acquired by Integral Ad Science in 2021.


FreeWheel, a Comcast company, offers a unified solutions for CTV publishers and advertisers.

Its SupplySuite enables publishers a way to directly connect to buyers and demand sources, reducing audience fragmentation and enhancing delivery.

FreeWheel works with both first and third-party data and offers end-to-end capabilities for publishers.

It also provides in-depth insights and campaign performance metrics through which publishers can evaluate their results.


AdButler specializes in video ads serving for CTV, websites, and mobile apps.

AdButler’s advanced targeting enables publishers to increase their yield while maintaining positive user experience. It also offers header bidding and demand source management, assisting publishers in accessing premium adverisers.

The company also offers API & SDK access for custom infrastructure development, a valuable tool for publishers that have unique requirements.



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