Google MCM Program: Everything You Need to Know

Google MCM Program

Google’s Multiple Customer Management (MCM) program is a powerful tool that enables publishers to access Google AdX via a third-party partner.

If you’re a small, medium, or even large publisher looking to access Google’s premium exchange, chances are you’re in need of an MCM partner.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Google’s MCM program – what it is, what benefits it has, and how it differs from Google’s Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP).

What is Google MCM?

Google MCM is a tool in Ad Manager 360 that enables third-party Google partners to provide publishers with access to Google AdX, Google’s premium marketplace. These third-party partners manage the publisher’s networks or inventory.

As explained by Google,

With Multiple Customer Management (MCM), Ad Manager publishers can earn revenue with the help of third-party providers who can consult, represent, and manage networks or inventory on their behalf.

In other words, MCM enables publishers to generate more revenue by delegating their ad management to an MCM partner that has access to a much wider set of tools.

This creates a “parent-child” relationship between the “parent publisher” (MCM) and the “child publisher” (you).


If MCM is the silver medal, then GCPP is the gold.

While there are a relatively large number of MCM partners, there are only a select number of Google Certified Publishing Partners.

To become an MCM partner, companies must meet certain criteria set by Google, including protecting against ad fraud and a minimal amount of policy violations.

GCPP companies like Adnimation are required to meet the same criteria and much more, including a rigorous vetting process, product certification exams, and a proven record of success.

GCPP companies possess all the capabilities of a MCM as well as a number of other advantages.

Why is MCM Necessary?

Google AdX is the world’s largest marketplace, and having access to it means that you have the potential to earn significantly more than with just AdSense.

However, if you’re not a very large publisher, Google AdX is very hard to join. In fact, there is no way to even apply. Google needs to seek you out and invite you.

That’s where Google MCM comes in.

Benefits of MCM

Working with an MCM partner provides you with a number of benefits:

Google MCM Program Benefits for Publishers

Access to Google AdX

As noted above, working with an MCM partner enables you to access Google’s premium ad exchange and significantly increase your revenue.

Access to Additional Demand Partners

Through Open Bidding in Ad Manager 360, your MCM partner can also grant you access to additional demand partners.

Adding additional demand partners creates more competition, which leads to higher RPMs.

Access to Programmatic Direct Deals

Working with an MCM partner grants you access to Google’s Programmatic Direct Deals (both Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals), which automates the sales of your direct-sold inventory

Full Ad Management

Working with an MCM means that you don’t need to worry about managing your own inventory, which is technically difficult and demands a lot of resources.

A reliable MCM partner will know the ins and outs of ad management and will help you maximize your revenue.

MCM Delegation Types

There are two delegation types in Google MCM: Manage Account (MA) and Manage Inventory (MI).

MCM Manage Account Delegation

In the Manage Account (MA) delegation, the child publisher grants complete account access to the MCM partner, which then manages the ad inventory in the child’s account.

MCM Manage Inventory Delegation

In the Manage Inventory (MI) delegation, the child publisher grants access of its inventory to the MCM partner, when then manages the inventory in its own account.

MCM Manage Account vs MCM Manage Inventory

There are several key differences between an MA and MI account:

Google MCM Manage Account vs MCM Manage Inventory

Account Access

MA is a more advanced level of access than MI.


In MA, the MCM partner manages the inventory from the child publisher’s account. In MI, the MCM partner manages the delegated inventory in its own account.


In MA, child publishers use their own Ad Manager tags. In MI, child publishers use the tags of the MCM partner.


In MA, both the MCM partner and child publisher receive an automatic payment of the pre-agreed upon revenue share. In MI, only the MCM partner receives the payment, and then transfers it to the child publisher.

How Can I Partner with an MCM?

Unlike GCPP companies, Google doesn’t have a public list of its MCM partners. Therefore, you simply need to ask.

Our recommendation is to go with an MCM that is also a GCPP like Adnimation, which can provide you all the added benefits of an MCM and much more.

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