Google MCM vs GCPP: What’s Better for Publishers?

Google MCM vs GCPP

Congratulations! You’re here, which means you already know that you could be generating a lot more revenue with Google AdX.

Now, the question is: how?

There are two ways to join AdX if you aren’t eligible by yourself: through a Google MCM Partner and through a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP).

The two, while similar in certain respects, have several key differences.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about MCM and GCPP and which one is better for you.

Why are MCM and GCPP Necessary?

Before delving into the specifics of MCM and GCPP, we wanted to briefly explain why they’re necessary in the first place.

Google AdX is the world’s largest marketplace, and having access to it can earn you significantly more than AdSense.

However, if you’re not a very large publisher, Google AdX is very hard to join.

In fact, you can scour the internet and won’t even find a sign-up button. That’s because you can only join if Google invites you.

That’s where one of Google’s partners come in, to help you access the premium demand.

What is Google MCM?

Google’s Multiple Customer Management (MCM) is a special program that helps publishers access AdX through a third-party company. These third-party companies, or MCM partners, are given special authorization by Google to manage publishers’ networks or inventory on their behalf.

As Google puts it:

With Multiple Customer Management (MCM), Ad Manager publishers can earn revenue with the help of third-party providers who can consult, represent, and manage networks or inventory on their behalf.

MCM partners manage their partnering publishers’ inventory through Google Ad Manager, where a “parent-child” dynamic is formed between the “parent publisher” (MCM) and the “child publisher” (the publisher being represented).

What is GCPP?

If an MCM partner is the silver medalist, then a Google Certified Publishing Partner, or GCPP, is the gold medalist.

That’s because a GCPP is Google’s highest level of publishing partners.

Like an MCM partner, a GCPP helps publishers access AdX and manages their ad inventory. But in contrast to the relatively large number of MCM partners, there are only a select number of GCPP companies in the world.

As Google explains:

The Certified Publishing Partners badge lets you know you’re working with someone who has been carefully vetted by Google. Not only have they passed Google’s product certification exams, but they’ve also established a successful track record of helping publishers like you succeed.

In simpler words, GCPP companies like Adnimation have received Google’s official and highest stamp of approval.

To make things even more simple: not all MCMs are GCPPs, but all GCPPs are MCMs.

Benefits of Working With an MCM

Working with an MCM partner offers a number of benefits:

Access to Google AdX

As we explained, an MCM partner can get you access to AdX and manage your ad inventory, helping you increase your revenue.

Header Bidding

MCM partners can utilize header bidding to provide you with additional demand sources, which translates to more competition and higher revenues.

Access to Programmatic Direct Deals

With an MCM partner you can access to Google’s Programmatic Direct Deals (both Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals), which automates the sales of your direct-sold inventory.

Ad Management Solution

An MCM partner can manage your entire ad inventory, meaning that you won’t need to get bogged down with all the complicated technical aspects of ad management.

Benefits of Working With a GCPP

A GCPP has all of the same benefits of an MCM and more.

Above all, working with a GCPP means that the company you are working with has undergone a rigorous evaluation by Google and has a proven track record of success.

Moreover, GCPP partners enjoy several advantages that aid in revenue growth, including:

  • Early access to Google’s products
  • Tailored and exclusive training programs
  • Dedicated strategic partner manager
  • Access to resources exclusive to partners

Differences Between MCM and GCPP

There are three main differences between the two programs:


A GCPP undergoes a much more thorough vetting process than an MCM.

To become an MCM partner, companies must meet certain criteria set by Google, including ad fraud protection and a minimal amount of policy violations.

GCPP companies like Adnimation are required to meet the same criteria and much more, including high scores in each of the multiple categories included in the certification criteria.

These include:

  • Viewability score
  • Sustainable growth score
  • Ads.txt score
  • Quality score
  • Spam score

Proven Track Record

GCPP companies have to demonstrate the Google that they are not only effective, but are reliable as well.

That means that Google required GCPP companies to have a long and proven track record of successfully helping publishers with their ad revenue.

Access to Advanced Tools

Google provides GCPPs special access to an array of tools that help them increase revenue for their publishers.

These tools include early and special access to products and resources, and dedicated programs and managers aimed at helping GCPPs thrive.

MCM vs GCPP: Which Is Better for You?

By now it’s obvious that we are biased, and recommend working with a GCPP like Adnimation over an MCM. But we’re biased for good reason.

That isn’t to say that an MCM partner can’t be effective in helping you boost your revenue. It definitely can. But a GCPP possesses all the capabilities of an MCM and much more, including Google’s official stamp of approval.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like a free consultation, feel free to contact us today.


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