Google PAL SDK for CTV and OTT – What You Need to Know

The world of Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming is booming, and with it, the demand for effective and efficient ways to monetize these platforms.

Leading the way is Google’s CTV video demand, which gives publishers access to the market’s leading CTV demand.

One of the best ways to access this powerful demand is through Google’s PAL SDK.

In this article, we’ll do a deep dive into Google’s PAL SDK, explaining what it is, its key benefits, and how to implement it.

What is Google’s PAL SDK?

The PAL (Programmatic Access Library) SDK (Software Development Kit) is a lightweight, open-source library that enables CTV apps to access and share audience targeting signals with Google Ad Manager.

These signals encompass valuable data points like demographics, app usage, and content consumption habits, painting a detailed picture of the viewers.

This granular targeting empowers advertisers to reach highly relevant audiences, boosting campaign performance and maximizing ROI.

Difference Between PAL SDK and IMA SDK

Interactive Media Ads (IMA) is a set of SDKs designed to integrate multimedia advertisements into your CTV app.

The IMA SDK is Google’s preferred monetization solution; however, it is very difficult to integrate. In fact, most publishers are unable to integrate the IMA SDK into their app due to technical limitations or complex setups.

To work around this issue, Google created the PAL SDK – a lightweight, truncated version of the IMA SDK.

The PAL SDK is much easier to implement than the IMA SDK, which is why it has become the go-to option for publishers seeking to access Google’s video demand.

Key Benefits of Using PAL SDK for Your CTV App

  • Higher Revenue: The PAL SDK grants you access Google’s massive programmatic marketplace, attracting a broader range of advertisers and boosting your ad revenue.
  • Easier Integration: Unlike the IMA SDK, the PAL SDK allows for relatively simple integration; especially when utilizing a solution like Adnimation’s CTV Fusion tool.
  • Flexibility and Compatibility: With a third-part tool like CTV Fusion, you can seamlessly integrate Google’s PAL SDK with your existing ad servers and server-side ad insertion (SSAI).
  • Enhanced Inventory Value: PAL SDK leverages Google’s verification protocols to ensure transparent and accurate representation of your CTV/OTT inventory, making it more valuable to advertisers.

How to Integrate Google’s PAL SDK With Your CTV App

Integrating Google’s PAL SDK requires a three-step process:

  1. Attain access to Google’s CTV product
  2. Implement the PAL SDK into your app
  3. Constantly monitor and optimize performance

Attain access to Google’s CTV product

In order to integrate the PAL SDK, you first need to receive access to Google’s CTV monetization product.

Google’s CTV monetization product, which gives publishers access to its PAL SDK needed to access the demand, has only been granted to a select number of publishers and monetization partners.

Unless you’re a very large company, it’s very difficult to get access to the product directly from Google.

That’s where a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) like Adnimation comes in. Adnimation’s unique Google CTV monetization license enables it to offer CTV publishers access to Google’s CTV video demand.

Implement the PAL SDK Into Your App

Although the PAL SDK is more streamlined compared to the IMA SDK, its implementation still demands a high level of expertise.

That’s why we developed CTV Fusion, a proprietary tool designed to simplify the integration of Google’s demand into CTV apps for publishers.

Through the utilization of a tailored wrapper developed by our CTV monetization specialists, CTV publishers can seamlessly leverage all the features of Google’s PAL SDK while seamlessly integrating with third-party ad servers and SSAIs.

This allows you to access Google’s CTV demand alongside your existing demands, providing a comprehensive and versatile solution.

Constantly Monitor and Optimize Performance

You implemented the PAL SDK – great!

But to truly maximize your ad revenue, continuous monitoring and optimization are imperative. This involves the implementation of dynamic pricing strategies and daily monitoring to stay responsive and adaptive in the ever-evolving landscape.

CTV Fusion – Seamless Integration of Google Demand with CTV Apps

CTV Fusion is a proprietary tool developed by Adnimation to help publishers easily implement Google’s demand in their CTV apps.

By implementing a custom wrapper developed by our CTV monetization experts, CTV publishers can access all of the functionality of Google’s PAL SDK without having to implement the PAL SDK itself.

Our wrapper also provides easy integration with third-party ad servers and SSAIs. That means that publishers can enjoy Google’s CTV demand in addition to their current demands.

This leads to more quality advertisers, increased competition, higher CPMs, and much higher revenues.

To learn more about how CTV Fusion can help you skyrocket your ad revenue, get in touch with us today.

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